This Cargo Ship Can 'Sing' The Star Wars Theme Song

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Published: August 18, 2015Updated: December 7, 2016

The German naval fleet has a container ship called MSC BUSAN. Able to carry almost a whopping 90 metric tonnes, she is a beast and of course they are incredibly proud of her. The BUSAN is one of the largest cargo ships in the world, seen here entering into the Hamburg harbor in Germany. If that's not impressive enough though, listen to the song it plays as it rolls in. What an entrance!

If the Death Star was an elongated vessel that could float on water, then this would be it! Fully loaded to the brim, the BUSAN enters Hamburg harbor, ‘singing’ the theme song of the Star Wars franchise! We can almost hear the glee in every one of these folks build up, as the massive vessel tries to keep up with the tempo. Even with a tone that low, the tune is too familiar to be mistaken for anything else. The captain must be one of those die hard fans everyone is talking about. We even imagine him standing on the bridge in full Jedi gettup!

Despite their playful nature, the crewmen of the MSC BUSAN have quite the machine on their hands. A true marvel of naval engineering, the BUSAN is able to make compromises with the wild seas, bending to and fro in order to endure. The crew took this footage while encountering some heavy waves out on the ocean. It requires some focus, but a few seconds into the video you can clearly see the body of the MSC BUSAN giving way to the will of nature, in order not to break! Incredible!

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