This Baby's Favorite Pastime Is Getting Sprayed With Air

8 years ago

Life is so easy when you are just a teeny, tiny baby. You get bathed, fed, changed on occasions and every one is there to keep you entertained and occupied. You see color for the first time and everything is nice and shiny.

Relatives from far and wide shower you with presents; some of them you like and can’t get enough of, while others you don’t really get and, other than inspecting them for any usefulness, you never lay your chubby fingers on them again.

Parents have testified that there have been occasions when their baby has been enraptured by something that isn’t even a toy at all. They like colorful spoonulas made out of silicone or a soft, colorful phone case. They bring the baby joy, so why not? Well this baby’s favorite toy is dad’s air compressor!

This baby has the cutest reaction whenever her dad sprays her footsies with air! She just can't help but giggle when the air tickles her teeny tiny feet! Her giggle is super contagious, surely it will make you let out a few giggles of your own! This little cutie will definitely give your day a moodboost!

Speaking of moodboosts, you have to check out this little guy who woke himself up from a nap with a giggle! The face he makes when he comes to is even more priceless!

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