Cute Baby Giggles Himself Awake

Published May 25, 2016 192,940 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsOnce you watch “Cute Baby Giggles Himself Awake" you’re going to want this little cutie as your own personal alarm clock. Have you ever seen anything so ridiculously cute. It made us want to get up in the morning, seize the day, then make this baby giggle again.

Have you ever laughed in your sleep? Have you ever laughed so hard in your sleep that you woke yourself up? Well this baby did! This little cutie let out an adorable giggle in his sleep that actually ended up waking himself up! How cute! This is one adorable kiddo! And those blue eyes, those cheeks...

We just have to mention the look on his face when he finally came to from his sleep. The babe opens his eyes, looks up, then to the right with a massive question mark forming above his head. We couldn’t help but translate that expression into something along the lines of: “where am I? This is not Bali! Where did that gorgeous babe go? Oh, I’m just at home with mom and dad…"

Sorry pal, but we think you will have a lot of these rude awakenings in the future. It is called “adult life". You’ll get used to it eventually.

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