Tuna VS. Seagull

ViralHogPublished: April 19, 2016Updated: April 28, 20161,231,615 viewsVirality: 1%
Published: April 19, 2016Updated: April 28, 2016

One day the tuna started to visit the port and it became a local attraction with people feeding it. They call it "Ramona". On a work break, a man and his colleagues went to feed sardines to it, seagulls were trying to get it as well, and that's when the moment was captured where the tuna "eats" the seagull, throwing it out right away.

It was feeding time for the large tuna, and the seagull decided with was hunting time. From there, everything went wrong for the seagull. In an attempt to steal the tuna's sardines, it got captured by the tuna's bite. But luckily, the tuna released, only wounding the over confident seagull.

This is one crazy and wacky video. We bet you have never seen something like that before! Good thing the seagull was OK in the end and flew away! This tuna seems like one big fish! Too bad you can't keep one of those fish as pets but if you do have a fish at home, some awesome pet fish supplies from Amazon can help a lot!

Credit: Robert Zawadzki / ViralHog.com

Occurred: January 9, 2016

Location: L'Escala, Girona, Spain

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