Man Swarmed By Dozens Of Puppies Is The Envy Of Us All

8 years ago

Having one Golden Retriever puppy is probably the dream of every other person in this world. What is there not to be loved in that yellow bundle of joy, wagging its tail and rushing to your side for a hug and a slobbery kiss? Can you imagine what it must be like to have 17 of those

One Scottish man shared this adorable video of him struggling to contain 17 cute Golden Retriever puppies, a footage that has been seen by over 12 million people around the world. It is pretty damn easy to see why! Steven Stewart, 24, from Bonhill, West Dunbartonshire, can be heard yelling "Oh my God" as he struggles to escape from the lovable cuddles.

The astonishingly viral video has been accompanied by tongue-in-cheek text, sarcastically warning of "violent scenes" as a "swarm of vicious dogs attack man". Do not be alarmed though - the litter of Strathlon Golden Retrievers have been bred over the last two years in Steven's house with six other dogs.

Steven said: "The dogs are brought up in my house and at the moment we have 23 dogs running about, so it is a bit chaotic. It's great fun having them in the house as you can see by the video.

"We have six dogs of our own called Layla, Harry, Kyle, Kiera, Katie and Hope, and there were 17 puppies but now all except one of them have moved to their new homes."

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