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Northern Lights shot with a drone in Iceland1m46s

Northern Lights shot with a drone in Iceland

Exploring the Northern Lights in Iceland with a drone, flying over epic landscape in Reykjanes Peninsula. Filmed with: DJI Matrice 600 Camera: Sony A7sii Lens: Sigma 20mm 1.4 Music: “The Spectacular Quiet” by Lights & Motion By Arrangement with Deep Elm Records ( More music by Lights & Motion: Location: Reykjanes Iceland Filmed and edited by: OZZO Photography

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This Dedicated Rock Star Donates Her Salary To The Arts!3m36s

This Dedicated Rock Star Donates Her Salary To The Arts!

Supporting the arts is Allison Stockel’s main passion in life. After graduating NYU with a BA in Television Production and Music, she went on to produce television specials and shows for the likes of CNN, ABC, The Food Network, MTV Networks, Lifetime Television, and more. But her real love for the arts, more specifically music, bloomed when she found The Ridgefield Playhouse! Upon moving to Ridgefield, Connecticut in December of 2000, she quickly became involved with The Playhouse, a 501c3 non-profit organization, first as a board member and then became the Executive Director. She loves her job, and helping the future of the arts and music so much that she donates her entire yearly salary back to the cause! Some would say she’s a music groupie … others say she’s a hard working woman that really cares! Allison’s other philanthropic activities include The Women’s Center which helps abused women and children, The Lounsbury House, an historic landmark in Ridgefield, The Hillside Food Outreach, where she delivers food to low income families , Ridgefield’s A Better Chance, where she has been a host parent to students for the past five years- and many more, including SPHERE, Ability Beyond Disability, Danbury Music Center, The Ridgefield Chorale, and Sandy Hook Promise, to name a few. She is truly a rock star that never stops working to better her community!

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Adorable lion cub preciously falls asleep49s

Adorable lion cub preciously falls asleep

Aslan is a sleepy lion cub who is spending time in a foster home. He finds the perfect spot to lie down and have a nap on the living room floor. He purrs as he's petted and drifts off to sleep. A lion cub looks and feels more like a stuffed toy than the majestic beast he will become as he grows up. Even his spots are adorable. Nothing is more cuddly than a newborn lion cub!

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Rapper tosses mic into crowd, fan takes over (blows everyone away!)1m37s

Rapper tosses mic into crowd, fan takes over (blows everyone away!)

During a concert for Hoodie Allen in Amsterdam, the rapper tosses his microphone into the audience where one fan takes over rapping during his hit song "Cake Boy". His performance blows everyone's mind, especially Hoodie Allen himself! Listen to everybody go crazy during his session!

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Gerald the Bulldog needs longer legs14s

Gerald the Bulldog needs longer legs

Gerald the Bulldog claims that the cake mix on the kitchen counter has egg in it. Since eggs are protein, this must mean that cake is a diet food, right?

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Rescued baby elephant loves his watermelons22s

Rescued baby elephant loves his watermelons

Indie is a rescued baby elephant who was given a second chance at the Elephant Nature park in Chang Mai, Thailand. He has bonded with his keepers and with visitors at the park. Such interactions help to rebuild trust in humans. Here, she can be seen enjoying one of her favorite treats, watermelon. She squeals with delight at the sight of them. Indie and other elephants can be seen at the park but guests are also able to assist in the care of these lovable creatures. Nature parks such as this one give elephants freedom and a new life.

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Cat loses it on catnip toy33s

Cat loses it on catnip toy

Jack the cat loves to play. Watch and laugh as he chases his catnip ball around the bathtub, stopping for the required cat bath in the middle of the game before the awesome Ninja Cat leap and tackle.

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Diver surrounded by river of beautiful blue fish23s

Diver surrounded by river of beautiful blue fish

A diver in Cuba approaches the top of a coral wall and is met by a river of beautiful blue tropical fish. Thousands of creole wrasses are on their way along the coral wall, parting as they continue past the diver. This migration causes a fantastic photo opportunity as well as a stunning display of color.

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