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Turning (-) Thoughts Into (+) Affirmations One Photo At A Time!3m02s

Turning (-) Thoughts Into (+) Affirmations One Photo At A Time!

Positive affirmations have the power to turn our life around…literally! Abbe Dembowitz is the founder of the Turn It Around Project. Abbe struggled with severe self-esteem issues and fear of imperfection. During some time off from school and counseling, she found that she could uplift herself and positively turn her life around. She did this by using positive affirmations! She wanted to help others has he helped herself; this then helped hatch the idea of this inspiring project. How does it work? A photograph is taken from behind of the persons negative thought/message written on the persons back, that same negative thought/message is then turned positively and is written on the front of the person with their face showing. Thus, turning each negative thought into a positive, empowering these people to take control over their insecurities and make them their own in a positive way!

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Cat and dog lay on top of bigger dog1m31s

Cat and dog lay on top of bigger dog

When it's cold outside these animals know that they need to stick together for warmth. When one big dog lays down, a smaller dog and cat decide to climb up on top of him as if he was their own personal bed! Too funny!

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Dog knows who his best friend is!24s

Dog knows who his best friend is!

Pashmak and Cassis are BFF's, and Pashmak is always ready to let you know! Watch him literally point out his best friend on command. Awesome!

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Baby elephant loves first pool experience52s

Baby elephant loves first pool experience

Dallas Zoo's nearly 2-month-old elephant calf takes his first "dip" in a kiddie pool. This beloved boy is definitely a water baby. As he grows, so will his inflatable pool! Credit: Dallas Zoo

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Bulldog puppy frustrated by 'big' step45s

Bulldog puppy frustrated by 'big' step

Drogo the bulldog comes across his first attempt at leaving the house to go outside on his own. But can he conquer such a huge step? Credit to @drogo.the.bulldog

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New life for dog left to die in the Everglades3m54s

New life for dog left to die in the Everglades

Powder Update! Powder Update! On February 28, 2016 Powder was found ABANDONED in the middle of the Florida Everglades. Dogs can not survive very long in these harsh conditions. A couple was out at the boat ramps at mile marker 39 off of US Hwy 27 and they saw Powder barely able to move trying to find a comfortable place to rest. The couple tried for hours to get help and Broward Sheriff's Office responded. The deputies on scene were determined to help this poor dog and bring him to safety. Within an hour, Dezzy's Second Chance Animal Rescue responded and agreed to take Powder into their care. Powder endured a long road to recovery including surgery on both his eyes. His treatment cost thousands of dollars. Today, Powder is fully recovered and ready for adoption! Watch his transformation from the brink of death to a beautiful healthy dog. There are still many other dogs in the care of the rescue that cared for Powder. Please go to to DONATE what you can. EVERY DOLLAR HELPS!

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