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Graceful dog jumps over doggy gate like it's4s

Graceful dog jumps over doggy gate like it's

Some dogs are good at fetch, others can show off their sweet tricks. This pup is a master in jumping over a gate that's likely intended to keep her out of a certain area of the house.

Published: January 22, 2017Updated: January 24, 2017
Wonderful Ways of Argentina2m53s

Wonderful Ways of Argentina

Wonderful Ways of Argentina Argentina is one of the most beautiful places to visit and has excellent natural beauty. What do you think about a great journey in the beautiful landscape of Argentina in Guillaume Juin's images?

Published: January 22, 2017Updated: January 24, 20171 views
Car Crash Compilation - Best of the Week10m07s

Car Crash Compilation - Best of the Week

Weekly compilation the best car crashes videos caught on camera. In this episode - Intersection сrashes, accidents with trucks, traffic cams, hit and run, fails on the road. This compilation created for the educational purposes - watch and learn from the mistakes of others.

Published: January 22, 2017Updated: January 24, 20171 views
Shark Attack - Bullshark Attacks Spearfisherman45s

Shark Attack - Bullshark Attacks Spearfisherman

Footage of a bullshark in North QLD Australia cruising on the edge of a channel at 20m turning then rushing and attacking a spearfisherman mid dive. Has anyone seen unprovoked aggressive behaviour like this from a bull shark before? Updated 13/1/17 Thanks for all the comments and questions so far, i will be posting an interveiw soon to answer as many of them as i can. thanks Couple of quick answers to tone down the heated comments a tad. I was not there too hunt sharks just fish to eat and i was really disapointed that the shark would of died.

Published: January 21, 2017Updated: January 24, 20171 views
Disturbing footage Melbourne CBD Car Plunges Into Packed Street1m11s

Disturbing footage Melbourne CBD Car Plunges Into Packed Street

Three people have died and at least 20 more are injured after a car ploughed into pedestrians in Melbourne's city centre during the lunchtime rush. The maroon vehicle was seen doing burnouts outside Flinders Street Station before driving into crowds of shoppers on bust Bourke Street. The mangled wreckage of half a pram is stuck on the bonnet of the car, while what appears to be the other half is further up the mall at a pedestrian crossing on William St. Police have arrested a man wearing nothing but red underwear at the Elizabeth St end of the mall. Officers said the incident is believed to be linked to a stabbing of a man in Windsor, in Melbourne's south-east at 2am on Friday. 'At this early stage it is believed a man driving a vehicle has struck a number of pedestrians in the vicinity of Bourke and Queens Streets just before 2pm,' Victoria Police said in a statement. 'Emergency services are assisting multiple patients but at least one person has been confirmed deceased. 'Pedestrian access has been closed on Bourke Street between William and Swanston Streets. 'The exact circumstances surrounding the incident are yet to be determined and we will provide further information when it comes to hand. Police said the situation had been contained, but have requested that people avoid the area. Emergency services in Melbourne are overwhelmed, with paramedics on Code Red meaning anyone available to work must do so. A number of hospitals are on Code Brown, meaning an external emergency. Witnesses have described the chaotic scenes that unfolded before them, while footage appears to show the suspect doing burnouts in front of Flinders Street Station. At least one toddler is believed to be among the victims after the child's pram was dragged down the street. 'The child from the pram was dragged 100m down Bourke St with the car,' a witness said, adding the child looked around 'three or four years old'. 'People were running out of the way, they were going very very fast,' another witness, Rebecca Russo, told The Age. 'I saw him hit a few people. I saw bodies flying into the air.' Other people said they heard a boom and gunshots, with one man telling Sky News there was 'a hell of a lot of blood'. The same witness also claimed he saw the car hit a pram. 'There's someone on the middle of the ground and there's blood all over the street,' Rishi Hathiramani, a CBD shopkeeper, told AAP. 'I've seen accidents but never this bad. 'It's pretty brutal.' A number of CBD businesses are in lockdown, while others have been evacuated. 'A heap of people ran into my store, it was horrible. Half of my staff are in tears,' a Strandbags manager told AAP. City office worker William Mulholland said he came out of a laneway and saw a number of bodies lying on the pavement receiving CPR from police and emergency workers. He said his friend came out of the RACV building on Bourke St and saw a body lying on the pavement in front of him. 'He said he heard two shots, coming from the direction of King St,' Mr Mulholland told AAP. Ambulance Victoria confirmed a number of people have been injured in the chaotic scenes. 'Paramedics are assessing 20 people after an incident in Bourke Street in the CBD this afternoon,' they said in a statement. 'A number of people were struck by a car just before 1.40pm. A number of those have serious injuries. 'Ambulance Victoria has numerous ambulances and managers at the scene.' ************** UPDATE About The Guy Driving The Car **************** The man who allegedly mowed down 18 people in Melbourne’s CBD on Friday, killing three and injuring 20 others, has a history of drug use, violence and psychological problems. James “Jimmy” Gargasoulas, 26, stayed with his mother in a public housing flat in Windsor, where he allegedly stabbed his brother, Angelo, in the early hours of Friday morning. Neighbours said they had regularly heard arguing inside the Raleigh Street unit. The car Mr Gargasoulas allegedly used to mow down pedestrians belonged to 76-year-old Gavin Wilson, who lives at the housing commission flats. Mr Wilson said Mr Gargasoulas was a “nice kid”, but on Wednesday night he became violent. He said he came into his flat with a Bible, sat down and started burning it before throwing the burning book into his face. “I flicked it onto the floor then he stood up and punched me,” Mr Wilson said. He said Mr Gargasoulas then attacked him. “Give me your keys or I’ll gouge your eyes out,” Mr Gargasoulas allegedly demanded. Mr Gargasoulas’ erratic behaviour dramatically escalated on Friday morning.

Published: January 21, 2017Updated: January 24, 20175 views
The Satisfying Scenes Of Legos Melted By A Gas Torch!2m12s

The Satisfying Scenes Of Legos Melted By A Gas Torch!

Have you ever let out the meanest curse words from the bottom of your heart because you stepped on a Lego? OK, keep that thought in mind. Second question: do you know about the YouTube channel where you can find the funnest videos? 'Let's Melt This' will also melt your heart, which was hurt by stepping on a Lego before. :) It is always fun to watch things get destroyed

Published: January 21, 2017Updated: January 24, 2017
The Artist Who Covered His Pool Floor With A Huge David Bowie Mural!2m43s

The Artist Who Covered His Pool Floor With A Huge David Bowie Mural!

Many artists have been trying to immortalize the famous musician, David Bowie, who passed away 9 months ago. The artist, who is known as Ten Hundred is only one of them. He covered his pool's floor in Seattle with a huge David Bowie portrait after 5 days of work!

Published: January 21, 2017Updated: January 24, 2017
Teacher creates secret handshakes with all of his students1m06s

Teacher creates secret handshakes with all of his students

Secret handshakes are usually something that two kids share with each other, a symbol of the special bond they share. But, In Mr. Bussey's 3rd-grade classroom, students aren't the only ones with secret handshakes...

Published: January 21, 2017Updated: January 24, 20171 views
Little girl explores VR dollhouse51s

Little girl explores VR dollhouse

A father took a photo in each room of his daughter's dollhouse using a Ricoh Theta SC, and then loaded the 360 degree photos onto the HTC Vive. The result? His daughter can now step into her own virtual reality dollhouse, complete with furniture, appliances and dolls in various poses. So cool!

Published: January 24, 20172 views
Giraffe makes classic 'duck face' for zoo visitors39s

Giraffe makes classic 'duck face' for zoo visitors

What appears to be a giraffe making funny faces for the camera turns out to be something quite different. This male giraffe is smelling a female, waiting for her to urinate so he can have a taste if she's in heat or not. That's nature for you...

Curious wild turkey spots hidden GoPro36s

Curious wild turkey spots hidden GoPro

A rafter of wild turkeys, 24 in all, enjoy the spoils of a bird feeder after it was raided by a deer. One young turkey in particular is rather curious when she spots a GoPro camera hidden in an old stump. She inquisitively looks at the unknown object and gets up the courage to start pecking at it. Fortunately for her, it doesn't peck back!

Published: January 23, 2017Updated: January 24, 20177 views
Baby chimpanzee enjoys a lollipop12s

Baby chimpanzee enjoys a lollipop

This adorable little chimp licking a lollipop is sure to be the mood booster you were looking for. According to his caretakers, he gets mad if you take it away from him!

Published: January 21, 2017Updated: January 24, 20175 views
Bulldog gets water on tap from custom doghouse29s

Bulldog gets water on tap from custom doghouse

Eggnog the bulldog gets her water straight from the tap on the outside of her custom built doghouse. This English bulldog beauty never goes thirsty with a built in hydration station right in her parents bedroom. Bottoms up!