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Cat plays hide & seek with owner2m01s

Cat plays hide & seek with owner

Don't just let your cat sit in the corner and eat and sleep. Play with them as much as you can (and as much as they want to). You'll both benefit!

Published: November 16, 2017Updated: November 17, 201751 views
Did This Guy Accidentally Destroy The World's Rarest Flower?1m13s

Did This Guy Accidentally Destroy The World's Rarest Flower?

The corpse flower is one of the most endangered flowers in the world. Not knowing what this flower was, and not able to handle the stench coming from it any longer, this guy chopped them down and buried them. Luckily he took a photo, and after some research he found out that the last time the corpse flower bloomed in New Zealand THOUSANDS of people gathered to see it. He destroyed and buried 12 of the world's rarest flower and it only flowers every 10 years!!!

Published: November 16, 2017Updated: November 17, 201771 views
Isabel the kitten fiercely defends her blanket2m25s

Isabel the kitten fiercely defends her blanket

Possession is 9/10ths of the law. Except with cats. Then it's more like 10/10ths. These people are just trying to take the cover blanket off the bed so they can go to sleep, but Isabel is having none of it -- that's HER blanket and it's not going ANYWHERE!

Published: November 16, 2017Updated: November 17, 201758 views
Rowdy baby gorilla gets disciplined by dad57s

Rowdy baby gorilla gets disciplined by dad

Shufai the baby gorilla was has a great time playing with some tree branches until his father Oumbi decided to take them all away (since technically he's playing with his food). But when Shufai persists, Oumbi does a total dad move to let him know he's serious!

Published: November 15, 2017Updated: November 17, 201761 views
NASA Releases Incredible Visual Simulating 2017's Hurricanes2m12s

NASA Releases Incredible Visual Simulating 2017's Hurricanes

You can see the atmosphere by tracking what the wind carries. Tiny particles known as aerosols are carried by the air around the globe, such as smoke, dust, and sea salt which are transported by the air across the globe, making visible weather patterns and other normally invisible physical processes. This visualization uses data from NASA satellites, combined with mathematical models in a computer simulation allow scientists to study the physical processes in our atmosphere. By following the sea salt that is evaporated from the ocean, you can see the storms of the 2017 hurricane season. One of the most noticeable things about the simulation is how far the particles can travel. For example, smoke from fires in the Pacific Northwest gets caught in a weather pattern and pulled all the way across the US and over to Europe. The visualization also shows dust from the Sahara blow into the Gulf of Mexico. To understand the impacts of aerosols, scientists need to study the process as a global system. During the hurricane season in 2017, tropical storms and hurricanes were visible in the visualization because of the sea salt that is captured by the storms. Strong winds at the surface lift the sea salt into the atmosphere and the particles are incorporated into the storm. Computer simulations using NASA's Goddard Earth Observing System (GEOS), a family of mathematical models, allow researchers to see how different processes fit together and evolve as a system. Combined with data from NASA's Earth observing satellites, the supercomputer simulations enhance scientific understanding of specific chemical, physical and biological processes. Credit to 'NASA Goddard'.

Published: November 16, 201774 viewsVirality: 3%
Samoyeds Are Even Cuter When They're Wearing Shoes51s

Samoyeds Are Even Cuter When They're Wearing Shoes

You would think that animals don’t need shoes, because their feet are not soft like ours. But just as we human like to wear shoes to be stylish, so do our dogs. Or we do, so that our dogs can be stylish too… Actually, dog booties are quite common in sled dog races. Many races require booties as a basic element of dog care. The Yukon Quest Sled Dog Race, for example, requires mushers to carry no fewer than eight booties per dog. But why would a fluffy white Samoyed dog need booties? Samoyed feet are actually really prone to collecting dirt while on walks, so Samoyed owners often opt for putting little shoes with velcro straps on them. That doesn’t mean that the dog accepts them! This pup looks like he’s pretty much used to wearing those stylish doggy shoes, but he is still unsure as to how those work! Watching him walk like he’s on lava really made our day! For many dog owners, finding dog boots that stay on can be a real challenge. The key is finding a bootie that is flexible enough to feel comfortable, but still allows durability and support for, say, a hard-hitting hike through rocky terrain. Look for boots that are snug around the ankle, have a bit of space at the toes and allow some wiggle room, but still offer support.

Published: November 16, 2017101 views