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Feral cat loves to 'chat' with humans1m32s

Feral cat loves to 'chat' with humans

After rescuing this cat from the side of the road, these people have noticed some weird behavior with him. They keep plenty of food in their garage for him, but he still comes to the door to talk. He isn't hungry and won't even eat the treats. He isn't sure he wants to be petted either!

Published: January 22, 2017Updated: January 23, 201735 views
Inside a shark feeding frenzy!1m11s

Inside a shark feeding frenzy!

Snorkelers got to experience a shark feeding frenzy from the inside when dozens of nurse sharks smelled a meal and headed straight for a boat where fishermen had cleaned their catch. The sharks eagerly competed for the remains. Nurse sharks reach a length of over 10 feet and can weigh as much as 330lbs. Despite having powerful jaws and hundreds of sharp teeth, the nurse shark is gentle in nature and is rarely a threat to humans. Swimmers and divers often encounter them and the sharks will occasionally approach humans, looking for food, or simply due to curiosity. This is a much closer encounter with sharks than most people would hope for!

Bird cafe becoming very popular in Japan1m30s

Bird cafe becoming very popular in Japan

This bird cafe in Tokyo allows customers to interact with a variety of different birds. Would you like to drink your next coffee or tea at this place? Let us know!

Published: January 20, 2017Updated: January 23, 201747 views
His face tells the story: Oscar was living in hell3m04s

His face tells the story: Oscar was living in hell

During the day he hid inside an abandoned house, at night, when no one could see him, Oscar ventured out trying to find something to eat and drink. He failed most of the time. He became weaker and weaker, lost all his hair, his skin covered in crust and scar tissue. For months, people saw him decaying to this point but didn't do anything... until today. Oscar was found surrounded by garbage and rocks, right next to his mother, by now barely alive. He was terrified of the people who rescued him and tried to run away, but they managed to safely get him. His mother escaped, but these people have vowed to go back for her. They rushed Oscar to the hospital where he was too weak, unable to stand up. This is his story.

Published: January 22, 2017Updated: January 23, 2017309 views
Eight foster kittens learn to explore24s

Eight foster kittens learn to explore

Just some Sunday morning shenanigans with eight little gray kittens. They get into everything! These kittens were rescued and fostered since birth; here they are six weeks old. They have all now been adopted into their forever homes. Too cute!

Published: January 19, 2017Updated: January 23, 201749 views
Saving Jax4m42s

Saving Jax

The Story of 5-month-old Pit puppy Jax who recovered from a life threatening, vicious dog attack believed to be from illegal dog fighting.

Homeless Man Wants To Find Home For His Dog Before He Dies1m48s

Homeless Man Wants To Find Home For His Dog Before He Dies

On a cold December day in Fresno, California, Jenine-Lacette DShazer noticed a sad homeless man with a white dog curled up in his arms. When the woman started talking with a him, what she found out was heartbreaking… His name is Clifford James Herbert. Once a farm worker and the owner of a mechanic’s shop, he lost his job in 2006 after becoming disabled due to complications from a heart surgery and tracheotomy. Soon he became homeless, and now he was dying of cancer with only few weeks to live. However, the man was mostly concerned about Baby, his loyal dog, and pleaded DShazer to find her a loving forever home. Herbert says he rescued the doggie from an evil man who had been beating her with a flashlight. “She’s my whole world,” Herbert told the Fresno Bee. “She’s my best friend. She protects me.” DShazer started a GoFundMe page to get Herbert and Baby off the street. Now the man is staying in a motel room, while Baby just got adopted and will even have a little girl for a friend. At least Herbert’s greatest wish – making sure Baby is going to be okay – has been fulfilled.

Published: January 20, 2017Updated: January 23, 20171,719 views