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Heartwarming father and son shaving moment1m01s

Heartwarming father and son shaving moment

Check out this special father/son bonding moment as the two shave in the bathroom mirror. As a father, it's important for him to be a good example to his 5-year-old son. It's the simple things that matter!

Published: March 21, 2018
Woman documents struggles of bed-making with cats1m55s

Woman documents struggles of bed-making with cats

All cat owners know the daily struggle of making a bed with cats around. There you are removing the bedding and shaking out the sheets when your cats come from all corners of the house to play, pounce and camp under the flying sheets. Looks like cats have a built-in radar for hearing the rustle of sheets and bedding no matter where they are in the house!

Is this a two-headed caterpillar?27s

Is this a two-headed caterpillar?

Strolling through the woods last summer, this person came across an intriguing looking caterpillar that appeared to have 2 heads. Many different insects have body parts made to look like the actual head to make predators less apt to attack. This very well may be the case here. Do you know what type of caterpillar this is? Let us know down in the comments!

Catch & release of a lifetime for shore fisherman1m56s

Catch & release of a lifetime for shore fisherman

It was a hot and sunny spring day in March on the gulf beaches of Fort De Soto Park in beautiful Florida. North Beach was filling up fast, but three enthusiastic fisherman took advantage of the day to do some shore fishing. The fishing began slow until something hit one of the fisherman's lines hard. His two friends brought in their lines, dropped their rods on the beach and ran over to give their friend a hand. With his rod bent over, the battle with the unknown sea creature began. The battle raged for approximately 10 minutes when a fellow beach goer took out his phone to record the final few seconds of the fight. When the unknown sea creature was finally brought into shallow waters, it was discovered that the fisherman had a bonnethead shark on the end of his line! The fisherman worked quickly to bring the shark to shore, in order to free it from the hook and safely return it to the warm waters off the coast of Florida. What a thrill of a lifetime to land one of these majestic sharks from shore! The bonnethead shark, or shovelhead, is a small member of the hammerhead shark genus Sphyrna. It has the smallest cephalofoil (hammerhead) of all the Sphyrna species. On average, the bonnethead ranges from 2-3 feet in length with some growing as much as 5 feet in length! The bonnethead shark is found in tropical and subtropical waters on both coasts of North America, from North Carolina to southern Brazil, including the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, and from Southern California to Ecuador. It lives in estuaries and shallow bays with mud or sand bottoms and in coral reefs. It primarily eats crustaceans but has been known to also eat clams, octopuses and small fish. Fortunately for the beach goers as well as the fishermen, the bonnethead shark is harmless to humans!

Ants fight with wasps over deceased grasshopper47s

Ants fight with wasps over deceased grasshopper

A grasshopper is dead and the ants want to transport the meal to their nest. Many ants are busy to dissect the grasshopper. The wasps arrive a little later trying to get some pieces of the grasshopper too, but the ants are not very pleased with their presence. They attack the wasps and try to chase them away. After some attacks the wasps leave the prey and the ants go on with dissecting the grasshopper. This nature scenery took place in the summer on the island Lefkas in Greece. Some shots are in real time and others in slow-motion. Hope you enjoy this battle between the ants and the wasps!

The Weinstein Company Owes Malia Obama Money, Documents Reveal4m33s

The Weinstein Company Owes Malia Obama Money, Documents Reveal

The Weinstein Company just released the full list of their creditors that are owed money, and along with tons of celebrities, and an accuser of Harvey Weinstein, the former first daughter is also owed some cash.