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Cat thoroughly unimpressed with 'What The Fluff' challenge57s

Cat thoroughly unimpressed with 'What The Fluff' challenge

9-year-old Olivia saw her Mom do the 'What The Fluff' challenge with Hero the Golden Retriever. She thinks it looks like fun so she tries to trick her cat, Maisy. Maisy's hilarious disinterest with the situation culminates when Olivia finally "disappears". Watch for Hero and Maisy's synchronized What The Fluff expression at the end. Poor Olivia! Better luck next time!

Parrot thinks he's taking bath during rainy car ride37s

Parrot thinks he's taking bath during rainy car ride

Meeko is an 8 year old white bellied caique who this woman received from a family who could no longer care for him. He is super energetic and has a huge personality, which shows especially when it’s his favorite time of the week. He loves getting a bath, whether it’s sitting in a sink, bath tub, being sprayed with a bottle, or in the rain. Meeko instinctively puffs up and whistles when even hears the water running from another room or if it is raining outside. So when she and her boyfriend were on the way to the pet store, they always bring Meeko with them in his special bubble bag and almost as soon as they got in the car it very unexpectedly started pouring, thanks to classic Florida weather. He puffs up and whistles, honestly believing he is getting a bath, but never is actually getting wet. He’s such a personality and we wouldn’t expect anything less from him. He’s their happy, slightly dumb, chunky little boy!

Published: July 20, 2018
Man effortlessly chugs 3 water bottles in 5 seconds23s

Man effortlessly chugs 3 water bottles in 5 seconds

Everyone has their own unusual talents. Some of us know already what they are, while others haven't yet tapped into their natural aptitudes. Regardless, with every unique talent comes the unique presentation of said talents. Here we have a man that can chug water at amazing speeds. Have you ever witnessed someone chug water this easily before? Watch as 3 full bottles are chugged in only 5 seconds! This video was filmed in Houston, Texas.

 German Shepherd Has Fearsome Encounter With A Cougar At The Zoo1m56s

German Shepherd Has Fearsome Encounter With A Cougar At The Zoo

The creatures which consume their whole time on earth in the wilderness are called wild creatures. Some of them are tigers, lions, panthers, foxes, monkeys, deer, squirrels et cetera. Their classes spread into different species and gatherings. Some of them are predatory, some are herbivorous while others are omnivorous. They are additionally sorted into earthly, land and water proficient, arboreal, flying and amphibian. The vast majority of them are straightforwardly or in a roundabout way beneficial for us. Well, wild animals are also kept in zoos. A zoo is a facility in which all animals are housed within enclosures, displayed to the public, and in which they may also breed. Going by a zoo enables kids to comprehend the significance of dealing with the earth as it significantly affects the lives and welfare of creatures. Zoos likewise show families about the significance of preservation and creature mind. ... Guests can take in the one of a kind tale about every creature as they stroll around the zoo. This amazing cougar is one of the animals we can see in the zoo. Of course, the cougar is a wild animal so when he first saw this German Shepard it was normal to react like a predator. Watch as a Cougar attempts to "attack" this curious German Shepherd during a recent trip to the zoo. So interesting to see this big German Shepard as he got scared by the cougar and back off when the cougar got closer to the glass! We guess this smart dog knew that is not smart to mess with him! The cougar, otherwise called panther, mountain lion, or catamount was once a standout amongst the most generally conveyed arrive vertebrates on earth, running from the Atlantic to Pacific seas and from northern British Columbia to southern Chile. Cougars are territory generalists, which means they can be found in regions running from the desert to thick woods. They normally lean toward territories a long way from people and thick vegetation or cover for stalking prey and raising youthful. But, that is not always the case! Sometimes they can be seen near some houses, suburbs or even the quietest neighborhoods. Like this unbelievable footage! This surveillance footage captures cougar peeking through a window of a Brookfield’s family home . Surveillance footage caught a cougar wandering around the lanes and topping through a window of a Brookfield, Wisconsin family's home on February 18. Dan and Bridget Guerndt, the property holders, didn't know about the impossible guest until the point when they saw the paw prints in the snow and chose to check their Nest surveillance camera. The cougar can likewise be seen strolling here and there the square on the observation video. Authorities with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources affirmed the cougar locating in Brookfield, as indicated by reports. The creature has been meandering around the region and has all the earmarks of being latent, driving DNR authorities to trust it was harmed. What do you think about these two amazing videos? Tell us below in our comment section!

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Maids of honor sing Justin Bieber parody toast2m58s

Maids of honor sing Justin Bieber parody toast

When these two maids of honor finished their speech and raised a glass, everyone thought they were done. Then... this happened. And everybody went nuts! A few pieces of relevant background info to understand the song better: These newlyweds dated for 11 years, starting when the bride was 15 years old. Her brother, Bryce, hated the idea because they were (and still are) best friends. And "Layla" is their dog!

Rescue dog holds party for first 1m02s

Rescue dog holds party for first "Gotcha Day" celebration

Last year these people traveled from Indiana to rescue Koko, a 10-year-old Chocolate Sleeve Pekingese, in Las Vegas. July 11th was her first Gotcha/Birthday with her new owners. Dog-friendly carrot cupcakes were the treat of the day. She gave them a fantastic surprise photo along with a group shot with her best friends!

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