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Saving Speedo the Cat 3m33s

Saving Speedo the Cat

We were tasked with the challenge of fostering and rehabilitating Speedo, an adorable and loving kitten who was diagnosed with Swimmer syndrome. This is a rare developmental deformity of newborn cats, whereby the hind limbs, and at times the front limbs as well, are splayed laterally resulting in an inability or difficulty to stand or walk. However, after further evaluation, it was determined that Speedo had suffered additional nerve damage that would likely prevent him from ever being able to walk upright and rendering him incontinent. After almost two months of numerous vet appointments and hours of physical therapy, the shelter made the decision to euthanize Speedo as he was deemed "un-adoptable" due to his incontinence and low expected adopter pool...unless we could find him his forever home. Most importantly, Speedo is not in any pain, has no current or expected suffering and could live a long and healthy life. Euthanasia was decided simply because of a predicted small adopter pool. He is mobile, and besides his incontinence, he is very healthy. Additionally, Speedo is the most loving and sweetest kitten in the whole widest world. So we made this video and shared Speedo's story with everyone that we could in the hopes to find his new forever home and save him from euthanasia. Within the first week we received so many messages from people all over the country wanting to help in some way and especially being interested in welcoming Speedo into their own home. It was such a blessing to witness all the love and support for this little guy, and to see how many wonderful people there really are out there. Thankfully, we were incredibly fortunate to get in contact with an absolutely wonderful couple that actually lives in our area. They were able to see Speedo, and he seemingly captured their hearts immediately, just as he captured ours. They were so concerned and caring throughout this whole process, and so willing to do whatever it took to make sure Speedo had his fair shot at life. And we now have the comfort of knowing that he will have that fair shot, and will indeed live a long, healthy life full of the care and love he deserves, with two incredible parents and a new, older step-brother.

2 2 weeks
Epic POV footage of record-long zipline ride 1m37s

Epic POV footage of record-long zipline ride

The Sasquatch Zipline is the longest zipline in Canada and the USA. Check out this awesome footage of an experience that is over 2 kilometers (7,000 ft) long and reaches speeds over 100 km/h. At certain points during the ride you're 600 feet above the ground! Would you ever try something like this?

13 1 week
English Bulldog still learning how to fetch 22s

English Bulldog still learning how to fetch

Humphrey the English Bulldog loves playing fetch, but there is an important element to the game he's yet to master... Actually stopping to pick up the ball! Check it out as he hilariously tumbles and falls over every time he tries to fetch. Hilarious!

12 8 hours
Golden Retriever performs jumping act over water hose 19s

Golden Retriever performs jumping act over water hose

What better way to practice your training than by using a water hose? Check out Cosmo the Golden Retriever as he perfroms his jumps back and forth over the shooting water. However, it appears he is occasionally distracted to drink from it!

217 2 weeks
A Cute and Funny Kitten Under the Laundry Basket 58s

A Cute and Funny Kitten Under the Laundry Basket

This is Murphy, an adorable 5-month-old orange tabby kitten. We recently learned that he LOVES having a laundry basket placed over him. He plays with all his toys while under the basket, and has become excellent at maneuvering it all over the room. In fact, when we take the basket off he jumps right back in it wanting to play under it more!

28 2 weeks
Sleeping baby hyena caught dreaming 30s

Sleeping baby hyena caught dreaming

Hyenas are generally known as vicious creatures, but this cute little one will hopefully fix that perception. Check it out as this two-month-old Striped Hyena dreams of something pleasant after playing around all day. Filmed in South Africa.

3,744 4 days
Ducklings enjoy treats on a water slide 11s

Ducklings enjoy treats on a water slide

Watch these cute little ducklings grab a quick snack as they travel down a slide into water. You can't help but smile while watching a heart-warming moment like that!

4,322 3 days
Baby fakes sleeping in order to stay in car 28s

Baby fakes sleeping in order to stay in car

According to user 'Pierron', this adorable toddler loves car rides so much that she'll pretend to be asleep after the family arrives home. Apparently she does this every single time!

6,849 1 week
Adorable kitten develops her dragon roar 30s

Adorable kitten develops her dragon roar

Here is our cute and fluffy kitten, Winnie, practicing her "dragon" roar since she was about 4-weeks old! She still struggles to produce some strong vocals but she is cute as ever!

1,073 2 weeks
The real kitten Whack-A-Mole 14s

The real kitten Whack-A-Mole

We have all seen versions of "Kitty Whack A Mole," all with human intervention required. However, this cat and kitty don't need any human assistance to play their own version of Whack A Mole. Check out the adorable kitty's face and the big cat's reaction and surprise when she sees the tiny kitten popping out of the box! This is so cute and funny!

49 2 weeks
Police brutality caught on camera in India 19s

Police brutality caught on camera in India

The Surat Police of Gujarat, India's westernmost state, are seen here vandalizing a local street for reasons unknown. Watch as they throw objects at nearby apartments, causing windows to break.

32 2 days