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Sleepy dog is too tired to move even after falling off couch43s

Sleepy dog is too tired to move even after falling off couch

When we have had a long day, all we want to do is crawl into bed and take a nice deep sleep. This exhausted dog named Apollo was thinking the exact same thing. After his long day at day care, he could barely keep his eyes open so he decided lay on the couch and let his body fall into a deep sleep. This is the best feeling, relaxing and not having any worry in the world. After being in his deep sleep for quite some time, he ended up rolling off the couch! He was so tired, that even when he fell off the couch, he didn't wake up!

Man proposes to single mom & her daughter with matching ring1m05s

Man proposes to single mom & her daughter with matching ring

Bryce decided that he was ready to ask Amanda to take their relationship to the next level while on a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. But there was one other special lady he wanted to ask as well! Amanda had been a single mom before Bryce came into her life to 7-year-old Mckaylin. He wanted to ensure that his soon-to-be step-daughter felt comfortable with this new phase of their lives, so he came up with an adorable idea.Bryce’s mom was on one of the floats in the Mardi Gras parade, so the whole gang headed down there to watch. Amanda assumed that all the fanfare was for his mom’s awesome appearance on the float, but then she took a closer look at what the woman was holding. It was a sign that read, “Amanda, will you marry me?” She was totally stunned! “Everyone knew this was going on,” she said. “His brother filmed it, his dad waved down the float driver so he would know where to stop. I was the only one who was clueless!” Amazingly, even little Mckaylin was in on the secret! She and Bryce had gone on a daddy-daughter date to pick out the rings. Of course, Amanda said yes. While she was taking it all in, Bryce got down on one knee again, this time, though, to ask Mckaylin if she would give him the honor of being her daddy. Needless to say, everyone was moved by the sweet gesture.

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Man in T-Rex costume helps catch massive catfish1m18s

Man in T-Rex costume helps catch massive catfish

While out noodling in Kansas, this guy attempts to catch a catfish with the help of the River Bottom Brothers. They knew of a spot that usually has pretty good sized catfish under big slabs of rocks. Check it out as he's able to catch a 35 lb flathead catfish while wearing a T-Rex costume!

Rescued sea turtles released back into the ocean1m12s

Rescued sea turtles released back into the ocean

These three young Green Sea Turtles were found at a beach and had to be rescued and rehabilitated. One is even missing a flipper, but with a lot of care from biologists and veterinarians, they were able to be returned to the ocean, where they belong. Awesome!

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12-year-old Great Dane celebrates birthday with special dinner52s

12-year-old Great Dane celebrates birthday with special dinner

Briva has been a loyal pet, friend, and family protector for 12 years. Most Great Danes live to about 8 years and anything beyond that age is considered a bonus. A few get to 10. But to have a Great Dane live to the age of 12 is remarkable. Briva may not know she is a dog though. She is enormous and she takes up an entire couch when she spreads out. She will also sit with her rear end on the couch and her front paws on the floor. The result is a surprisingly human like pose that makes everybody laugh. Great Danes are very relaxed dogs that are extremely affectionate. Like most Danes, Briva likes to walk up beside people and lean on them, asking for attention. Unaware of her size and weight, unsuspecting people are often knocked off balance by this. It's very endearing to have such a gentle giant asking to be petted. But Briva wasn't always so low-energy and relaxed. As puppies, Great Danes are high-energy, mischievous, and even destructive due to their size and power. Briva would run from room to room, bouncing off furniture sideways to spring back in the direction that she had come from. She pushed off so hard from the back of the family couch that she put the couch through the drywall. Briva's owner, Kristy, took her to work when she was a few months old and Briva bounced through the drywall while she was on an excited tear around the staff room. But Briva has grown very ladylike in her golden years and she prefers to lounge quietly on the front porch of the family cottage now. She enjoys walks in a local forest and she freely wanders the property where she lives. On special occasions, such as her birthday, Briva is served a gourmet meal to show her how much she is loved and adored. Here, she is given a large tenderloin steak, a baked potato, and glazed carrots. She eats 10 or 12 slices of beef in two bites and inhales the potato. She even munches away happily on the carrots. Briva may not fully understand birthdays, but she knows that when a steak is in placed in front of her, it's a special day! Briva's owner is a veterinarian. It's more than likely that her long life is due to having very attentive and thorough care, as well as proper diet and exercise, but it's also likely that Briva has lived so long because she is so well loved!

German Shepherd puppy mimics kid's every move7s

German Shepherd puppy mimics kid's every move

Meet Ivy the long-haired German Shepherd, a very smart breed indeed! She's always been eager to learn, teaching herself things to do mostly by mimicking their every move. Ivy has a lot of tricks up her sleeve but this one is definitely the silliest!

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Six-year-old wins talent show with amazing dance performance2m22s

Six-year-old wins talent show with amazing dance performance

Vincent has a dream of being a performer. His first goal is to be on YouTube. When his school was having a talent show, he announced that he was going to perform a dance. His family wanted to support him and help him, but being a very determined and confident young man, he told them that he would choreograph a dance routine without help from anyone. Vincent would be competing with children his own age, as well as children several years older. Vincent selected his own music, figured out his own moves and put together a show that nobody would see until the moment he took the stage. He didn't even let them know what he had planned for his piece. On the day of the show, Vincent's family held their breath and waited. They knew he had moves and they knew he was about to live his dream on the stage, but they weren't expecting anything like what he was about to give them. The spotlight turned on Vincent and the song began. In perfect time, he bounces back and forth to the intro. As the tempo slows for the start of the vocals, he delivers a hip-swaying, knee bending interpretation that makes him look like a young Bruno Mars. He draws gasps and cheers from the crowd. Vincent begins to really get into the music as he matches his actions to the vocals. When the tempo picks up, he gives us some fancy foot work that is in unbelievable synchronization with the sound. As if in his own world, he spins, bounces, turns his hat for dramatic effect and ups his game even more. His feet fly, his arms flap and he puts all of his heart into the dance while his grandmother cheers from behind the camera. Vincent took first prize with his amazing performance. Anyone would be proud of a routine like this, but considering his age and the fact that he did it all on his own, it's no wonder he completely stopped the show. Vincent seems to have a promising career ahead of him. At the very least, it's very possible that he will realize his dream of having a YouTube presence. Vincent's got talent, he's got heart, and it's hard not to admire that and cheer him on.

Bearded Dragon tries to wave to the camera47s

Bearded Dragon tries to wave to the camera

Joanna the bearded dragon tries his best to wave his arms, but struggles to exhibit the grace most dragons have when waving. Arm waving is a social behavior in bearded dragons that signifies submission. He's basically telling any other lizard that he comes in peace, and to not attack. Watch til the end to see his proud little smile!

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