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Photographer captures incredible closeup footage of Bald Eagles feeding44s

Photographer captures incredible closeup footage of Bald Eagles feeding

It is nature at its most vicious: one persistent photographer had to become part of the landscape and lie completely still for 30 minutes in order to capture this amazing footage. A bald eagle can be seen walking on the beach at Anchor Point on the Cook Inlet and Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. The eagle was enjoying a fish snack when a tractor drove by and scared him away. The seagulls immediately swooped in to munch on the eagle's snack, but they flew back as soon as the eagle returned. Graham McGeorge, a photographer from Scottland, visited Homer in Alaska, in the U.S. after being told by a colleague he should visit the area if he wanted to capture the on film. Graham spent a few years saving for this trip and is was worth every cent. He finally visited the area and headed towards Anchor Point Beach where he was greeted by dozens of the birds swooping along the shoreline looking for their next meal. Just half a mile off shore a boat of fisherman were making their way back to the beach cleaning their catch as they went - and after getting back they tossed the fish remains onto the beach. This meant a luxurious dinner for the eagles, sending them into a feeding frenzy. The Jacksonville resident said: “There aren't many places in the U.S. you can find large numbers of these raptors, never mind getting close to them. The usual photographs are in flight far away and nest shots taken from afar. They got so close to me in Alaska that my 600mm lens was actually way too much glass for the task at hand.” Research does him good on his travels, but he always makes it a point to ask local where to take the best photos.

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Watch as this precious baby sees her mother clearly for the first time48s

Watch as this precious baby sees her mother clearly for the first time

Although they can be hard to raise, children bring so much joy into our lives because they provide us memorable moments like this clip here. This is first time Piper tries on her glasses to see her mother clearly! Piper was born with a rare autosomal recessive genetic condition called Oculocutaneous Albinism. As a result she is visually impaired and has Nystagmus, which is uncontrollable eye movements that make it difficult for Piper to focus. In this video, Piper is almost 5 months old. Check out her absolutely heart-melting reaction! So adorable! This little girl seems so happy to finally be able to see her mom! Then again, who wouldn't? Her reaction is priceless and one that comes once in a lifetime! It must be hard to not be able to see very well and it is a good thing that this adorable bundle of joy managed to get a pair of pretty glasses. Sight is one of those things that we often take for granted and do not realize how much it means to us.

Wild deer adorably naps on woman's lap40s

Wild deer adorably naps on woman's lap

Animals are amazing creatures! They can bring joy to our lives even when we are feeling low. Sure, there are some animals that you do not want to get anywhere near, but then there are some that you just want to cuddle with and love just like this deer here. In this adorable video, watch as a deer falls asleep in this person's lap! Sadly, the deer is blind and deaf due to an unfortunate collision with a vehicle. Luckily the good Samaritan in this clip saved the deer and took it in as a part of the family. Faith in humanity restored! It is very sad what happened to this animal. Good thing that this person came along when they did or else the unthinkable could have happened to this deer. Animals should not have to suffer due to our negligence, at least this person is out there atoning for someones wrong doing! Footage filmed in Alabaster, Alabama, USA.

Police officer pulls over five cars for speeding - all at the same time!50s

Police officer pulls over five cars for speeding - all at the same time!

Here we have a case when karma eventually catches up to you, or at least a responsible traffic officer does. We have never seen a video like this one before, but we would sure like to have been able to witness this great, great moment in person. How fulfilling would that be? These cars were all exceeding the speed limit, thus endangering all the traffic participants in their vicinity, but they were eventually pulled over by one officer. You read that right, one officer. He single-handedly gave tickets to all of the irresponsible drivers, and we are sure that next time they will stop and think for a second before speeding on the road. The speeding tickets they received should be a bitter reminder to all of us that respecting the law is very important, and being reckless on the road is a very selfish act, mostly because you are never alone – the people driving near you should not be jeopardized in any way. We're not sure how he did it, but good on him! Dash cam footage reveals five silver-colored cars driving at highly dangerous speeds, only pulled over by this single police officer, who we now consider a hero (without the cape, but still). How awesome is that?

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Signs that your cat definitely owns you46s

Signs that your cat definitely owns you

Anyone who owns a cat knows one thing for sure: you do NOT own that cat. You are just a host who is ensuring that the cat enjoys living at your home. Your cat actually owns you and you are her servant!

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