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Snorkeler drops GoPro, fetches it from incredible depth31s

Snorkeler drops GoPro, fetches it from incredible depth

A GoPro is dropped from a snorkeler and sinks to the bottom of the ocean floor, capturing some stunning unintentional images. What's even more amazing is that this guy is able to swim all the way to the bottom to retrieve it! Filmed in Laguna Beach, California.

42 days
Fundraising ‘Joyride’ Puts A Positive Spin On Recent Tragic Event - Orlando3m10s

Fundraising ‘Joyride’ Puts A Positive Spin On Recent Tragic Event - Orlando

After tragedy, love, support and togetherness are needed most. Adam Keller and Jared Marinelli, best known around the world for their ‘viral flash mob wedding proposal video’, were deeply affected by the tragedy in Orlando. The couple knew they wanted to do something to give back to all those affected. While Jared and Adam already have a full schedule teaching classes at JoyRide, they decided to host several “Fundraiser Rides” to help the victims’ families. It’s beautiful to see community come together in times of need! They were able to raise more than $5K (and counting) for Equality Florida’s Pulse Victims Fund, which benefits the victims of the mass shooting in Orlando, including the victims’ families and survivors in need of support. Thank you JoyRiders for all your generosity, energy and compassion! ‪#‎RideforOrlando ‪#‎TeamJadam ‪#‎strongertogether Funds raised by the ‘Fundraiser Rides’ go to: Equality Florida Pulse Victims Fund Thank you Adam, Jared and JoyRide for organizing and leading the inspiring ‪#‎OrlandoStrong fundraising rides in all the Fairfield County, CT studios. To see more from this incredible duo, tune in THIS FALL for their brand new HooplaHA series, ‘Joy Story’ AND a new live stream series part of the Roker Media Network!

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The Most Adorable Baby Goat Love Story You Will Ever See3m09s

The Most Adorable Baby Goat Love Story You Will Ever See

You have never seen a love story like this before! ‘Don’t Forget Us Pet Us‘ strives to create second chances for animals that otherwise would not have one. While we love all of their animals, Spartacus, the baby goat, holds a special place in our hearts. When Spartacus was born his mom left him in the field. His owner found him and had to give CPR and brought him back to life. He still suffers some medical issues due to his circumstances but he is truly a miracle baby! One very special friend, a baby emu, has helped bring Spartacus back to life. This is truly the most incredible love story we have ever seen! These adorable animals get a better life that truly counts. They also find ways to give back to the community and places where comfort is needed most. Their animals have travelled to Newtown, CT, Short Term Crisis Shelters, Homeless Shelters, attended Hospice camps, and have reached out to South Coast Neediest Families and nursing home residents. Don’t Forget Us Pet Us is not only changing animals’ lives but people around the country as well!

126 days
Horse and dog reunite after 7 months apart34s

Horse and dog reunite after 7 months apart

Last year Rita the horse ran away from home. A farmer caught her and refused to give her back, resulting in a very long court trial. Finally, after 7 months, she was returned home and reunited with her all-time best friend, Balu the dog!

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Shar Pei puppies fascinated by robot dog1m56s

Shar Pei puppies fascinated by robot dog

Although these seven Shar Pei puppies are slightly confused by a mechanical barking dog, they soon work up the courage to examine it further. In no time at all they are playing along with their new robot friend!

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Lawn mower drone runs over GoPro46s

Lawn mower drone runs over GoPro

It seemed like a good idea at the time to attach a GoPro to a drone lawn mower, but things go horribly wrong when the suction cup fails and the camera rolls down the front of the drone. The drone runs over the GoPro, trapping it in the blades for a few agonizing seconds, creating a sickening hacking sound. Fail!

2452 weeks
Owner teaches giant Newfoundland how to swim31s

Owner teaches giant Newfoundland how to swim

One-year-old Boss is a 170 pound Newfoundland that sinks when he swims. Therefore his owner must hold him up while he practices paddling. Boss, you need to kick your back legs as well!

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