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Who Will Save These Kittens?  A Memory Clinic?2m47s

Who Will Save These Kittens? A Memory Clinic?

Did you know that new kittens need to be bottle fed every couple of hours? The problem is most shelters don't have the man-power to take care of all the kittens' needs! In order to solve this dilemma, the Pima Animal Care Center and Catalina Springs Memory Care Center are pairing up and both the kittens and the seniors are benefitting from it. The Pima Animal Care Center solely relies on the help of foster families to care for new kittens. So, when two kittens were abandoned at the Pima Animal Care Center, they needed some help. Thanks to Catalina Springs Memory Care and their senior residents, these kittens are now being well cared for and will be completely ready for their forever homes. The constant love and contact does not only benefit the kittens, but the seniors too. The Catalina Springs Memory Care center serves the needs of individuals with Alzheimer's disease, dementia and other forms of memory loss. The contact with the kittens helps residents remember specific memories from their childhood, which is not easy for the patients at the memory center.

Monstrous moray eel displays impressive teeth29s

Monstrous moray eel displays impressive teeth

Moray eels are ferocious looking predators that hide among coral, waiting for an unsuspecting fish to swim past. This six foot long beast was curious about a diver's camera and he came out of his lair to see if it was an easy meal. He opened his mouth wide, displaying an impressive set of teeth, complete with the second set of jaws that lie farther back in the eel's mouth. These eels can deliver a savage bite but they rarely harm people.

Epic chimpanzee play fight at zoo57s

Epic chimpanzee play fight at zoo

The bonobo (pygmy chimpanzees) siblings from the Twycross Zoo are having quite the play fight. Even the 5-month-old is joining in by repeatedly hitting the older sibling!

Beautiful peacock flounder becomes almost invisible40s

Beautiful peacock flounder becomes almost invisible

The peacock flounder is a bizarre fish that has adapted for life on the ocean bottom. It spends its early days swimming upright, but as it matures, one eye migrates to the other side of the fish and it becomes a flat bottom dweller. The peacock flounder has the perfect coloring to blend in with a white sand bottom. Its beautiful blue rings help it to become invisible in rippling blue tropical water. This truly unique fish flaps its way over the sand looking for food. When it stops, it becomes almost impossible to see!

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Great Dane not allowed to swim, expresses his displeasure1m39s

Great Dane not allowed to swim, expresses his displeasure

The way he talks back, it's hard to believe that Max the Great Dane is deaf. He can definitely understand sign language and we honestly think he can read lips. Watch and laugh as he has a conversation with owner, arguing about not going swimming with his jacket on.

Published: February 17, 2017Updated: February 21, 201727 views
Edie - rescued an hour before euthanasia - Please share her story!5m06s

Edie - rescued an hour before euthanasia - Please share her story! Please help us save more dogs like Edie and make a $5 donation to Hope For Paws, and please share this video with all your friends. Thanks. Eldad. The amazing music for this video was created by Mr. Paul Collier: - Thank you so much for letting me use this amazing piece! Eldad

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Miracle as owner saves dog from python's clutches1m08s

Miracle as owner saves dog from python's clutches

A dog has miraculously avoided becoming a huge pythons meal - after his owner whacked it with a leafy branch. The distressed dog can be seen in the deadly clutches of the python as it begins to constrict its prey to death. But the heroic owner - who has not been named - quickly grabs a nearby branch and begins hitting the lengthy python with it in Karnataka, India. And the act works, as the stunned python begins uncoiling and slowly slithers away. We bring you the weirdest, wackiest and most bizarre stories from around the world. Stay tuned for daily uploads that you simply have to see to believe. Check here for more information: Twitter: Video Twitter: Facebook: Website:

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