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Large reef shark cruises close to divers looking for food45s

Large reef shark cruises close to divers looking for food

Caribbean Reef Sharks are generally not aggressive or dangerous to divers, but the appearance of a nine foot long beast made of muscle and teeth can be unnerving to even the most seasoned of divers. This group of scuba divers was on a wall dive near the famous Blue Hole in Belize. The current in this location carries divers along slowly as they explore a vertical coral face on a drop that plummets thousands of feet straight down. The ocean life is spectacular and varied. Fish thrive here and people are likely see eels and turtles as well. A more rare sight is the Reef Shark but sightings are becoming more common here as water temperature slowly increases and food in other areas of the ocean declines. These sharks are surprisingly unafraid of the divers, even swimming in between and around them. None of their behavior suggests that the divers are in danger but the close contact is concerning. It does not take much to change curiosity to aggression because sharks are always hungry and always willing to compete for food. These divers were not the only group in the water and it became apparent after the dive that the group ahead was spearing lionfish and actually feeding the sharks. This practice is highly inadvisable because it encourages sharks to come too close to humans. It is more likely that a bite would occur by accident than intentionally, but blood in the water would trigger a feeding frenzy. There were other Reef Sharks nearby and two large Bull Sharks made a few passes as well. Bull Sharks are much more aggressive and unpredictable than Caribbean Reef Sharks. In this case, the divers continued their dive but they remained vertical, tried to face the sharks as much as possible and they closed their group in to minimize the risk. This is a good example of divers making unwise choices that indirectly put others, and even the sharks, at risk.

Bizarre remora fish tries to latch onto GoPro camera53s

Bizarre remora fish tries to latch onto GoPro camera

Remoras are a very bizarre fish. They are equipped with a suction plate on the top of their head that allows them to attach to turtles, sharks, rays or any large creature. These suckers are actually highly adapted fins. They are not parasites and they do not feed off the host. They are merely lazy fish that attach so they do not have to exert themselves by swimming. The benefit to following the larger creatures believed to be that the remora is able to feed off the scraps of food that are created during feeding. More recent research actually shows that remoras feed more on the feces of the larger animals and not as much on the food scraps. Remoras are also offered a degree of protection while attached to a large predator or large sea turtle. They don't have to exert energy in swimming or by actively forcing water over their gills. Remoras are designed to swim under larger creatures and the top of their bodies is flattened to make this work. But they will often attach to the top or side of other creatures which requires them to swim upside down. The remora is very capable of swimming freely in any orientation and they are agile enough to move rapidly around their host as needed. In the case of sea turtles, the remoras quickly flip around to the top of the shell when the turtle rests on the bottom. Remaining under the turtle would pin the remora against the coral. There are actually some benefits for the host creature in this arrangement as the remoras dislodge external parasites and dead skin from their surface as they move around. Remoras are always on the lookout for a new host and will often investigate divers. Large rays and turtles are sometimes annoyed by the remoras and are believed to swim close to divers or other creatures in an effort to tempt the remoras off of them with a better option. In this case, the remora eagerly swims at the diver with the camera but obviously decides that the GoPro is not big enough or suitable and he goes right back to the turtle. It is very interesting to see how the fish flips over in the process. A little known fact about remoras is that some fishermen have been using them to harvest turtles. The fishermen catch remoras and then hook them by the tail. They release the remoras when they sight a turtle and wait for them to attach. The fishermen are then able to haul the turtle into the boat. In the case of larger turtles, the remoras sucker is strong enough to haul the turtle to the side of the boat to allow the turtle to be harpooned. The remora is a very unique fish with fascinating adaptations. They grow to a length of approximately 3 feet and are seemingly everywhere in the ocean where large creatures are found.

Kayakers Find Themselves In Midst Of Orca Feeding Frenzy3m42s

Kayakers Find Themselves In Midst Of Orca Feeding Frenzy

As far as Orca's go, for those of us who happen to live close to the shore or even visit over the summer, we've been told to always keep an eye out for all the dangers that the big blue has to offer. Not to go fire off into the ocean due to deep waters and all mystery that might hide within. Especially stay away from any big fish and never, ever, do you go in the water if you see something that has a huge fin on its back. For some of us however, it is the urge to get close up and personal with the threat in the hope to achieve great rush and adrenaline and feel more alive then ever. These people are usually the ones that you see on TV possibly under the accident part of the show or even sometimes under the hero's list. There is really no telling what is going to happen once you actually get this close to such a powerful being such as the Orca. However, aside of all the fact and dangers these guys had no idea that such a harmless kayak ride would reel them into such an extreme situation. A heavy does of nature is all around as these two people kayak their way into an Orca feeding frenzy. Just wait for the surprise cameo at the end!

Dad solves mystery of who cut the dog's hair2m33s

Dad solves mystery of who cut the dog's hair

One of these two siblings is guilty of cutting the family dog's hair. In order to get to the bottom of it, this clever dad warns them that there are fingerprints on the cut hair of the dog and that the police will tell him to whom they belong. Taking this new evidence into perspective, it's not long before the guilty party speaks up!

In This Inspiring Pageant, Young Women Show Off Their Talents As Leaders!4m26s

In This Inspiring Pageant, Young Women Show Off Their Talents As Leaders!

The Ivy Girl Academy is a leadership training program for teenage girls in South Jordan, Utah, and it culminates with a pageant that's a little different from the typical kind of beauty contest. At the Ivy Girl pageants, the contestants showcase leadership skills that they've developed over the course of their time with the Academy. Leading up to the pageant is a four-month intensive program consisting of 30 hours of service, character-building challenges, and mentorship of younger Ivy Girls through community clubs. "We want girls to certify in leadership from the Ivy Girl Academy," says founder Jessie Funk. The focus of the Ivy Girl Academy is growth and the cultivation of confidence and leadership skills. Only when they've completed the four-month program do the Ivy Girl contestants get to show off what they've learned in a big, fun pageant. Picture it. Having been dropped off on the red carpet in a limousine after having their hair and makeup done by professionals, 23 confident, dynamic Utah ladies vie for the crown, the title of Ivy Girl 2017, and a service scholarship! They get to feel like royalty when they strut across the stage and receive their leadership certification in front of their biggest supporters. The program and its celebratory pageant is helping empower girls to become strong, brave, resilient and service-oriented leaders—and that's what should be celebrated most. In this video, we meet one special contestant. 17-year-old Kylee has faced major adversity in her life. At the age of 7, Kylee lost her father to cancer and hemophilia. Her mother struggled in the wake of her father's death, so Kylee moved between homes, until she was taken in by her aunt. Several years later, that same aunt told Kylee about Ivy Girl Academy, and Kylee knew right away that she wanted to join. "I like helping people," the young aspiring leader explains. Kylee chose hemophilia as her platform during her leadership training, given the impact that the condition has had on her life. As for her goals for the Ivy Girl Academy, Kylee says that "winning wouldn't mean getting the crown. It would mean just doing the best that I can." Kylee believes that with Ivy Girl Academy, she can and will make a difference in the world—and that alone proves how grateful we all should be for the Ivy Girl Academy. The 12 Levels of Ladyhood 1. Confidence: Happiness requires a foundation of confidence. 2. Leadership: Discover your inner leader- everyone has one! 3. The Art of Gratitude: Classy ladies are gracious and show gratitude. 4. Self-Defense: We are worth protecting. 5. Dining & Social Etiquette: Learning the art of caring for and about others 6. Service: Looking for happiness? Serve someone! 7. Health: Valuing and appreciating our bodies enough to take care of them through exercise and nutrition. 8. Motherhood: Preparing for the beautiful opportunity of motherhood- if chosen. 9. Positive Mental Attitude: Understanding the science behind the power of a positive attitude vs. a negative one. 10. Personal Power: Owning our lives by not making excuses, not putting ourselves down, standing up for our friends, not placing blame, and avoiding toxic relationships. 11. Self-Respect: When we are put together on the outside, we can be more confident on the inside. 12. Goal setting: Living our lives with purpose and passion This HooplaHa original video was produced by Lucia Nazzaro, shot by Juston Rindlesback, and edited by Kellie Sieban. Join us in spreading good news. Follow us on HooplaHa is Only Good News. We believe that positivity can change lives and strive to be the voice of humanity that recognizes people are good & doing good things for mankind. We shine a light on individuals and organizations involved in this movement. Help us celebrate people filled with kindness, those overcoming adversity with grace & inspiration, and the good in life.

German Shepherd Lovingly Tries To Share Blanket With Baby1m03s

German Shepherd Lovingly Tries To Share Blanket With Baby

Aries the 4-year-old German Shepherd Dog loves watching over his new little human, Lyla. He loves her so much that he wants to share one of his favorite blankets with her. “Since Day One he has been a gentle giant, watching over his new little sister,” says grandmother Kim. Lyla is 8 months old and Kim says “it’s becoming obvious she has found her very first bestie” as this adorable video shows. The super smart German Shepherd loves children, other dogs and his collection of “blankies”. In this cute clip filmed by their mom, Aries wants to share one of his precious blankets with Lyla.

This Dog Was Caught Sleeping In A Super Weird Position 39s

This Dog Was Caught Sleeping In A Super Weird Position

We all know how important sleeping is. At the end of the day statistics show that humans sleep 1/3 of their lives. Sleeping is proven to be one of the body's restoration systems and regain energy in order to pull us through our everyday routine. The importance of sleeping plays a significant part on our happiness and our mood. There for sleeping plays one of the major roles to a healthier lifestyle and a higher quality of life. However, there are those occasions where we are so tired we just don't have the energy to choose whether it is the couch, the floor or the roof is where we fall asleep, let alone the position in which we find our self to doze off in. Here we have an adorable doggy that could not have bared a moment more to be awake and fell asleep like a baby. Who cares when and where, as long as the situation calls for it, you must be quick to act. Never mind the fact that you might come off as looking a little weird and funny when sleeping in such position. Throughout his sleep his owners have spotted him to be in all the crazy positions and have even managed to capture a video of this priceless moment. Here's what happens when you get caught in a weird sleeping position but are just too tired to do anything about it. Priceless!

Sneaky Dog Has Some Serious Sharing Issues When It Comes To Kale53s

Sneaky Dog Has Some Serious Sharing Issues When It Comes To Kale

An adorable video has emerged showing the wonderful moment when Basset Hound puppy shares vegetable treat with a family bunny rabbit. Footage shows dog and bunny sitting on cozy blanket, munching on kale stems. At first sight, these two seem to share an incredible bond since they are caught on tape sharing their food. However, this sneaky dog apparently has some sharing issues and has a hard time dealing with the fact that he has to share his tasty snack with a bunny rabbit! What a nonsense situation! Watch as this greedy Basset Hound named Jack snatches the kale out of bunny’s mouth and cannot control his greed. Clearly this dog has a serious problem sharing kale with his rabbit friend named Ponch. Sharing is caring buddy! This dog is a bunny snack stealing professional and doesn’t know that sharing is caring. He lives by his own terms and doesn’t share food! Who knew that dogs can be suckers for kale! Jack seems to be more into vegetables as he performs a “Lady and the Tramp” moment with Ponch, but instead of spaghetti he uses kale to recreate the famous romantic scene. Watching this dog sneak his way out to Ponch’s mouth just to steal a veggie piece out of bunny’s mouth we get the impression that this Basset Hound pup is more herbivorous than his buddy! Hilarious! This adorable video depicts the funny moment when a loving pooch gets too carried away when eating snacks together with a bunny, and steals a piece of kale out of bunny’s mouth! Incredible!

Emotional Dog Won’t Stop Giving Wet Kisses To A Ticklish Little Girl20s

Emotional Dog Won’t Stop Giving Wet Kisses To A Ticklish Little Girl

A heartwarming video has emerged of a Sheepadoodle puppy giving wet kisses to a girl. Footage shows Wilson the Sheepadoodle cuddling with a little girl and giving her sugar, spice and everything nice! Owners say that this adorable canine just loves to give kisses, especially to his extremely ticklish owner! This loving pooch loves giving affection and wet kisses. It is adorable to witness this incredible bond the dog has developed with his young owner. Watching these two share kisses and hugs has warmed our hearts! Footage shows Wilson and the girl comfortably tucked into a cozy large cushion on the floor. It seems like the dog has wrestled the girl down on the floor and decided to shower her with wet kisses. The emotional dog cannot get enough of his little friend and had a very sweet way of showing his love. Judging by the giggly sounds and sweet laughter that the girl presents, we can certainly conclude that they are both have a nice time. The girl is enjoying the extremely affectionate pooch, but she seems to be very ticklish which results with her laughing out loud. Sheepadoodle pups are slightly active, easy trainable and kids friendly dog breed. The Sheepadoodle is not a pure dog breed. It is a cross-breed dog obtained by breeding an Old English sheepdog with a poodle. The name, which alters "poodle" to "doodle" in reference to the Labradoodle, was coined in 1992.

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