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Talented 6-year-old enjoys fun and sun on the slopes1m03s

Talented 6-year-old enjoys fun and sun on the slopes

A proud father at Bigwhite Ski Resort watches his 6-year-old daughter on the final day of her freeride classes skiing an advanced blue run. Dressed as a unicorn and racing through the flags on a beautiful sunny and light, fluffy powder day! She has completed training of her 4th year skiing and graduated to the next level for the following year.

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Parrots talk to each other in English52s

Parrots talk to each other in English

Fabio and Gabriel are Indian Ringneck brothers and love to kiss each other and spread the love. Enjoy their adorable kisses and cute phrases including "Are you okay?", "I love you", and "You be good!"

Drone films horses running majestically through meadow58s

Drone films horses running majestically through meadow

Few things are as beautiful or as awe inspiring as a horse at a full gallop across an open field on a summer day. These horses were being filmed by a drone as they ran through the meadow joyfully after being let out to pasture on a summer morning. The herd is a mix of different breeds, including painted horses, Clydesdales, ponies, a former race horse, and even a donkey. But these are no ordinary horses. They live and work at an amazing farm in Indian River, Ontario, called the Mane Intent. They are part of a special program that is geared towards experiential learning. Some people go to the Mane Intent to learn leadership skills or to learn about themselves. Others go there seeking healing and therapy after emotional trauma or difficult life experiences. Many are veterans or first responders who struggle with PTSD and the effects of their experiences. The horses work their magic through structured exercises with people, close bonding opportunities and quiet periods where people can simply share time with magnificent animals. The results are often very moving. Each of the horses has a very different personality and brings a different specialty to the sessions. People gravitate towards a certain horse or, more often, a horse will gravitate towards them and then the real magic begins. The horses are exceptionally affectionate, playful and even patient. People describe their time at the Mane Intent differently but all agree that the ten gentle souls that make up this herd are truly unique. For many, the visit is a very moving and emotional experience that can drastically change their outlook. These horses are capable of connecting with people in a way that has to be seen to be believed. When the herd is not involved in one to one sessions or group exercises, they spend much of their time grazing or running on the large expanse of rolling green pasture and forest that makes up this incredible farm. Their happiness is impossible to miss.

Out of Control Chairlift in Gudauri1m08s

Out of Control Chairlift in Gudauri

Occurred on March 16, 2018 / Georgia, UK Info:"A catastrophe at the resort in Gudauri. Negligence and error of the cable cars led to the breakdown of the chairlift in the opposite direction on the Sadzeli line. Numerous injuries of people who fell under the "meat grinder" from the collision of armchairs, fractures, and bruises of those who managed or guessed to jump off. It was possible to stop the cable car only after 1-2 minutes. Responders arrived in place within 7-8 minutes. They removed and provided first aid to the victims with all those who stood in line."

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Westie acts totally surprised after bumping head39s

Westie acts totally surprised after bumping head

This naughty Westie was roughhousing in a pen with his friend when he bumps his head on the table above. He sticks his head out of the pen with a look of surprise, looks right, then left, runs out, shakes it off, then jumps back to roughhousing again.

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Elderly couple dances in the rain42s

Elderly couple dances in the rain

A precious moment is caught on film during a rainy day at The Village in Meridian, Idaho. An elderly couple proves they're young at heart as they dance in the rain!

Exotic breed of chicken is entirely black in color1m20s

Exotic breed of chicken is entirely black in color

Ayam Cemani is an uncommon and relatively modern breed of chicken from Indonesia. They have a dominant gene that causes hyperpigmentation, making the chicken entirely black; including feathers, beak, and internal organs. How crazy is that?

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Smart otter knows how to play with his toy52s

Smart otter knows how to play with his toy

Gonta the otter is very smart. Watch him figure out how to put the ball into the top of the toy, wait for it to come down, and then repeat the process. What a clever creature!

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Movie dog goes on paddle board adventure with owner2m07s

Movie dog goes on paddle board adventure with owner

Maggie, a 9-year-old shelter mix of a Bichon Poodle, and her owner Nicole hit the waves to bond and paddle board together. Maggie is a movie dog who knows over 100 tricks and also visits hospitals and nursing homes every week.

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