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Italian Diet Secrets - Includes Good Company (La Vita Italian)2m36s

Italian Diet Secrets - Includes Good Company (La Vita Italian)

Contrary to popular belief, traditional Italian food is not about carbs, heavy pasta sauces, and fattening dishes. In fact, as La Vita Italian with Lucia points out, a true, authentic, Italian meal is all about fresh ingredients and, most importantly, good company. We learn that aroma, taste, texture, good company, and fresh ingredients are all key components when it comes to Italian cooking and surprising diet and healthy living tips.

Matt Woodrum - An Inspirational Kid That Moved Everyone!!!6m45s

Matt Woodrum - An Inspirational Kid That Moved Everyone!!!

For More Inspiration - 11 year old Matt Woodrum with Spastic Cerebral Palsy ran 400 meters and inspire his school mates and their families with his positive attitude. My Blog: Facebook: Twitter:

Published: February 25, 2017Updated: February 27, 20174 views
Mascot helps push broken vehicle19s

Mascot helps push broken vehicle

Jollibee Foods Corporation is a Filipino multinational chain of fast food restaurants headquartered in Pasig, Philippines. Here we find one of their mascots lending a helping hand to these people with car trouble. Epic!

Bearded dragon tries to bury cat toy2m47s

Bearded dragon tries to bury cat toy

This pet bearded dragon likes to carry the cat's toy around the house, only stopping to perform its hilarious digging ritual. Get that lizard some sand!

Published: February 26, 2017Updated: February 27, 201733 views
Italians Live Longer - Their Secret - La Vita Italian2m11s

Italians Live Longer - Their Secret - La Vita Italian

Italians on average live 3 1/2 years longer than most Americans. What better place than a Bocce ball social to find out why? Our resident Italian expert Lucia Nazzaro visits the Pontelandolfo Club in search of the Italian "Fountain of Youth." Join Lucia as she serves up a little taste of Italy with a side of advice! From food to family to health and home, she’ll take you to places you never knew existed, all with an old world charm and personality.

Old School Barbers Sing, Cut Hair and Talk Love - La Vita Italian3m08s

Old School Barbers Sing, Cut Hair and Talk Love - La Vita Italian

An authentic Italian old school barbershop is an unexpected place to learn about romance but these wise guys actually surprised us with their insight on true love. Check out Lucia Nazzaro, host of La Vita Italian, as she drops by Sal's Barber Shop in Waterbury, Ct. for a little musical serenade and advice on the meaning of love, Italian style.

How to bathe a cat!3m10s

How to bathe a cat!

Most cats HATE bath time! Here are some tips that can help make cat bathing time as stress free as possible for cats AND humans! If you have any other tips and/or advice please leave them in the comments section! --- And if your cat is extra feisty, consider wearing these cat bathing gloves: Cole and Marmalade are inside cats and purrsonally I don't think they need to be bathed if they don't go outside, cats are very clean and groom themselves constantly.... Fortunately we only had to bathe them when we first rescued them and they had fleas, but other than that we just use cat wipes every so often if they're dirty. But cats that go outside may need to be bathed every once in a while or even inside cats that have made a mess of themselves while using the litter box and cat wipes just aren't going to get the job done! SUBSCRIBE - SHOP - Facebook: Website: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: Google+ MUSIC: "Easy Lemon" -

Drone almost swallowed up by Lake Berryessa glory hole4m28s

Drone almost swallowed up by Lake Berryessa glory hole

At drone hovers at approximately 1,000 feet above Lake Berryessa and then descends into the famous glory hole and almost gets lost forever. Our guess is that all the water draining into the spillway created a sort of vacuum that made the drone unstable the further it goes down.

Published: February 24, 201799,752 viewsVirality: 82%
Fearless teenager kisses wild cobra36s

Fearless teenager kisses wild cobra

Aunny Zaza kisses a wild cobra he found slithering through the undergrowth near his home in Amphoe Pak Chong, Thailand. Is he crazy or crazy confident?

Published: February 22, 2017Updated: February 24, 201737 views