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Ambitious young woman shares incredible story2m37s

Ambitious young woman shares incredible story

Adriana is no stranger to sacrifice, attending school while her parents both worked a minimum of 4 jobs each. She understands the struggle in finding opportunities and through her own personal success she is lending a helping hand to lead the way for others.

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A Medical Miracle Gives New Life To This Amazing Bionic Dog!3m10s

A Medical Miracle Gives New Life To This Amazing Bionic Dog!

Naki’o is one amazing dog that will fill your heart with love! Naki’o and his littermates were very young and left in a foreclosed home during the winter in Nebraska. Naki’o was the only pup found in a frozen puddle. He suffered severe frostbite and lost all his toes on all four feet. But it gets better! His now owners found him on PetFinder and instantly fell in love! When he was a puppy, he got around fine on his nubs because he was so lightweight. But as he started growing, they knew he needed more support on his legs. They were referred to OrthoPets where they created new legs and a new life for Naki’o! His prostheses changed his life; he gained more confidence and couldn’t be happier! He is now the only dog in the world with 4 prosthetic legs… he is the bionic dog! He is a true inspiration to anyone who meets him. His parents started a dog rescue to help dogs like him and they even wrote a book inspired by him, Stubby and His Magic Boots! This dog really is a superhero!

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Car dent note prank2m39s

Car dent note prank

Check out this prank from RobbyTv where he leaves a note on people's car saying I left a dent and have no money. Make sure to watch till the end for a happy surprise.

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New testament quiz: Poor score43s

New testament quiz: Poor score

How good is your knowledge of the bible's new testament? (3) Try the quiz here:

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Talented toddler swims and floats in pool49s

Talented toddler swims and floats in pool

Watch as this little girl swims and floats all on her own in the pool. All children should learn this life saving skill so they are able to take care of themselves if they fall in water! Credit to Kids 1st Swim School / Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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Cute kitten loves to take baths17s

Cute kitten loves to take baths

This kitten was smelly and had fleas, so it's time for a bath. To everyone's surprise the cute kitty absolutely loves it! Credit to @kitten_faces

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Cop, vet and technicians team up to save mother duck2m35s

Cop, vet and technicians team up to save mother duck

A critically injured duck was brought to the attention of Officer Trevor who rescued it from a roadway. She was struggling to walk and was bleeding badly. He knew she needed a veterinarian's help immediately. Dr. van der Meulen and her team assessed and treated the duck and discovered something shocking on the x-ray. "Molly", the duck had been shot. She was also carrying eggs. Despite heroic efforts, they could not save Molly. She eventually succumbed to her injuries. It is truly inspiring and heart warming to see a cop, veterinarian and technicians who will go this far to save a wild animal.

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GoPro footage captures large snake's amazing escape1m26s

GoPro footage captures large snake's amazing escape

Who would have guessed that a 4 foot long milk snake is able to climb out of a large garbage pail with such ease? It also climbs a camera tripod and coiles around the GoPro before slithering away. Milk snakes are a very beneficial predator to have in your yard. In addition to having beautiful markings, they rid your home of vermin like mice and rats. This snake was found in a pile of mulch that was being moved. It was relocated to a safer spot nearby but it escaped in the process, leaving some amazing footage before it disappeared.

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