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Fighting hairless chimpanzees cause tense scene at zoo1m02s

Fighting hairless chimpanzees cause tense scene at zoo

These are the muscular hairless chimpanzees from the Twycross Zoo in Atherstone, England. Jambo and Mongo are a father and son duo that are both suffering from hereditary alopecia, which is the general medical term for hair loss. When chimps look like they are fighting, it's actually called displaying. It's about intimidating the opponent with lots of uproar and bluster. Intense!

Camera dropped overboard records large fish with embedded object1m06s

Camera dropped overboard records large fish with embedded object

A GoPro tied to a chunk of wood was dropped overboard from a canoe in a remote lake in Northern Ontario. The camera was tied to the wood in an effort to ensure that it would float if it fell overboard while the owner was fishing. The large battery pack proved to be too heavy, however and the camera slowly sank to the bottom, bounced along and became stuck on a log and submerged tree. The camera was running and the wood tied to it provided enough buoyancy to keep the camera leveled while it recorded the action below the waves. Although this lake is quite deep, the camera becomes snagged and does not slide along the sloping rock face beyond a depth of about 15 feet. What is recorded is the eerie green surroundings at the start of a deep drop-off. Algae and silt cling to the rock and log and provide us with a fascinating, and slightly creepy view. Large bass swim around the submerged tree and they glide past the camera several times while it runs on. One large bass makes a slow pass and looks directly at the camera, revealing a white rubber lure hooked on the right side of his mouth. He doesn't seem very affected by the attachment, but what is interesting is that it must be a lure from last year. This is a largemouth bass and fishing season for this species had not yet opened when this video was captured. It is very unlikely that the lure became lodged in his mouth this year. It is probably from last season. If this is true, it shows that stainless steel fishing hooks do not rot or rust quickly, as many fishermen believe. The idea that the fish has enzymes that will corrode a hook is a widespread myth. It has been proven completely false. This video seems to disprove the myth. What it looks like is a rubber worm or grub lure. Luckily, it does not seem large enough to interfere with its ability to get food, and it seems that it is not likely to snag on anything and trap the fish. But the hook would certainly be irritating. It would also be problematic if lodged in the throat or if it were bigger. This is an indication that anglers should be as careful as possible to avoid hooking fish and leaving them with a lure attached. The video also provides a very interesting view of life beneath the surface of your local lake.

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Clever pig quickly outsmarts his new toy42s

Clever pig quickly outsmarts his new toy

Finley the pig quickly learned to flip his new toy to get to those tasty treats. That's why he needs the heavy weight to keep the toy standing up - but he still finds a way to empty the goodies in a hurry!

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Unique dog can't get enough of getting teeth brushed25s

Unique dog can't get enough of getting teeth brushed

Goofy, a one-year-old Northern Inuit Dog, loves getting her teeth brushed! Twice a day, she'll stalk the bathroom counter and wait for her turn to polish those pearly whites. She loves it so much she basically does the work for you!

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Killer Whale hits stingray with vicious tail slap23s

Killer Whale hits stingray with vicious tail slap

Killer whales are highly intelligent and very dangerous to anything that crosses their path. They are the world's largest predator and have been known to kill for the sport of it. Check out this tense footage of a transient orca completely stunning a pelagic stingray with a strong tail slap in the open waters of Baja. Nature can be brutal!

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Baby siblings struggle to grasp concept of sharing57s

Baby siblings struggle to grasp concept of sharing

Sharing can be a daunting task for babies who don't fully understand it. This big sister doesn't want to share her water with her crying baby brother, and that's when dad has to step in with the lesson of the day: Sharing is caring!

Adamant baby elephant insists sleepy brother wakes up32s

Adamant baby elephant insists sleepy brother wakes up

Watching a herd of elephants while on safari is mostly a memorable and very entertaining experience. In and among the herd there is always something happening, especially when it comes to the playful young elephants in such a herd. These breeding herds consists of mainly females and their offspring and all the related females will stay together for life. Young males eventually gets kicked out at around age thirteen. While those young males remain in the breeding herd, they are extremely playful and very entertaining to watch. This video was recorded in the Kruger National Park, South Africa and shows a male baby elephant very adamantly attempting to wake up his sleepy brother. To see elephants lie down flat on their sides is a rare sight and mostly it will be the youngsters that do enjoy a rest on their sides. Elephants do not have too much time to relax and sleep as they need to feed at least twenty out of twenty four hours of a day. The playful baby elephant was not going to let his bigger brother enjoy his morning nap in the sun. He wanted to play and he wanted his sleepy brother to get up. The little elephant proceeds to climb on top of his brother with his front legs. The sleepy brother still does not get up and looks a little annoyed with his younger brother bothering him. The little elephant then starts pushing and shoving his brother more impatiently hoping he will get up. Suddenly the sleepy brother decides that this is enough and quickly jumps up, looking all confused with the situation. The baby elephant then left his brother to go and annoy other members of the herd. This funny behavior had everyone in laughter and made for great entertainment on the safari.