Curious Gopher Closely Examines GoPro Camera

Published April 27, 2016 489,941 Views $11.29 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsIf you were ever wondering what people were doing before GoPro cameras, we know one thing for sure – they had less cute videos of curious gophers. Here we can see an extremely inquisitive gopher that poses for the camera and then investigates it so closely that he bumps his nose on the lens. He sniffs at the camera and checks it out, resulting in a very close look at his adorable face.

These cute creatures are vast in numbers and there are over 100 types of this rodent just in the United States. They are vegetarians, so they don't eat human cameras, but instead indulge on roots, shrubs, trees, plants and even grass.This adorable gopher is quite inquisitive as he wanders around and investigates the camera lens staring back at him. Watch as he noses and scratches at the camera. He also makes funny faces, furrowing them brows at the end! Cuteness overload!

They are also known for building complex underground tunnels, and occasionally they want to pop their heads out and check out the surroundings. They are loners, and only one gopher can be found in a tunnel system. However, this curious fellow seems to be obsessed with the camera lens. Watch as he gives an endless stare at the object! It is adorable!

A GoPro stationed on the grass captures this adorable and mischievous gopher on camera. Apparently, they are very curious and inspect the GoPro lens closely. He snoops around the lens, repeatedly sniffing the lens and wondering about the curiosity of this weird object! Do you think he figured out the sole purpose of the strange-looking tiny box at the end?

This curious fella has a knack for being on camera, and gives us a rare glimpse of his cute face while he is sniffing the GoPro camera. Is this the next big Internet celebrity? Well he's much cuter than the human ones, that's for sure. Share this with your friends and brighten their day!