A Curious Giant Lizard Tries To Eat A GoPro Camera

Published April 11, 2017 11,424 Views $0.53 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThe Water Monitor is the largest lizard that you can possibly own, dwarfed only in body size by the giant Komodo Dragon. The longest documented lizard is, in fact, a Water Monitor, measuring 10’ 4” long and weighing up to 110 pounds! That really is a lot of reptile!

This reptile on the video trying to grab himself an early breakfast is Thor. Thor is just a youngster in comparison, but he is still very large at more than five feet in length. Thor is a very curious lizard and he goes straight for the GoPro camera as if it is something to eat. Water monitors have powerful jaws with sharp teeth. Thor's curiosity provides a very unique view of these jaws and his gaping throat. Feeding time followed and Thor went off to bask on his log with a full belly.

Water Monitors should not and cannot be considered reptiles for novices. Even though hatchlings can be very reasonably priced to purchase, and care for, as a keeper you must make sure to take into account the huge amounts of space, resources, time and money this pretty little hatchling will need in less than a year. Many reptile enthusiasts are attracted by this species because of its imposing size, pigmentation and the impression that they will make a great “tame” pet. However, as you had the chance to see in the short video, these giant need a lot of work and an even more experienced owner.