Adorable Bulldog Is Startled By A Shadow Puppet Dog

Published April 14, 2016 18,917 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWe have all heard about dogs being afraid of every little thing you can imagine, from toasters to their own shadows. You never know what can make a dog feel uncomfortable. This funny bulldog is actually pretty much terrified from a shadow puppet that his owner makes with his hand. Watch the video and see the dog’s funny reaction!

Making shadow puppets is a thing that people have mastered over the years and dates back in time. Animals don't have the same sense of humor as people do. This bulldog is not quite sure what to do with this shadow puppet. It kind of looks like a dog, and it even barks like him and yet there seems to be something off about it. So what does the bulldog do? Bark at it of course! You can notice the dog nervously looking at the shadow on the wall not realizing what it is. His reaction was pretty much expected!

When a scary shadow approaches, most pups just as this dog stand their ground and confront the unknown object. Even if that includes a shadow, which is not an actual object. The shape of his owner’s hand and the movement it does makes the dog feel weird and uneasy. Maybe this bulldog was not afraid of the shadow, maybe he was just jealous about not being the only ‘good boy’ in the house.

The video of this adorable doggo being perplexed by a shadow puppet it's the cutest thing ever. It will definitely make your day better!