Great Dane Would Rather Stay Dirty, Despite Owner's Pleas

Published September 9, 2015 117,235 Views $562.89 earned

Unless you have one of those fairy tale pups that jump for joy the moment they hear the words “bath time” being pronounced, then we offer you our condolences. Getting any dog to get in the tub for a good run under soap and water is a tricky business, so can you imagine what it must be like for the people whose dogs weight 100+ pounds? Just sit back and enjoy this show!

From the first second of the video it is beyond evident that this dog does not - we repeat, DOES NOT - want to get a bath. You understand that, hooman? NO. BATH! The young Great Dane tries in all her might to hide her huge spotted body away from the eyes of the tyrant who would rather see her soaking wet and smelling of soap. She struggles to avoid the dreaded bath time, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Her owner resorts to carry his big pooch to the bath, but 100 pounds is heavy on the back. So he drops her to the floor and tries subtle encouragements instead. “Goooood giiiiirl” he chants, like that is going to help him much.

Just when we thought that his chanting worked and they got to the tub, the pup wiggles between the legs of her owners and darts straight back for the bedroom to hide. Dude, this pup does not want to take a bath!

Still, she’s stinky and a bath is in order, so one haul later she admits defeat and sits in the tub like a good girl. But when the human tries to coerce the dog into a high five, she looks everywhere but at the offered hand. Hand shake? Not a bleeping chance.

After this indiscretion, we really hope their relationship recovers. A big juicy bone and a long game of fetch should do the trick.

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