Panting Dog Rocks Baby To Sleep

Published March 30, 2016 124,740 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesYou don't need a nanny when you have a dog that can rock your baby to sleep. This adorable greyhound is the perfect babysitter and does an amazing job of rocking this cute little baby to sleep.

These parents accidentally found a new fun way how to put their baby to sleep. Their hound dog was the best man for the job. Now, they don't need to buy a baby relaxator when they have their dog to help them in the process.

The dog was breathing heavily so the parents thought about placing their baby on the dog's belly so that it can help relax the baby relax. The dog is panting and by that it rocks the baby to sleep. It seems like both the dog and the baby are enjoying this process. It is so precious to fall asleep while cuddling on your best friend's tummy.

This video will sure put a smile on your face and set you off in a good mood. You can try this creative idea on you as well. Next time you want to take a nap consider your dog's relaxation skills.

Here is another way to put your baby to sleep with the help of the hairy friend. While the tiny baby was in its rocker, the family pooch decided it needed a little extra push, so the dog lifted itself on its hind legs and rocked the baby further. We can’t know if the baby was fussy before or not, but in that video, it is the calmest baby ever. Kudos, pooch!


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    This dog got a new best friend...

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