Water Sound Lullaby Puts Baby To Sleep

Published November 2, 2017 194 Views

Rumble Parents know that it is no easy task to get a baby to nod off, and most parents suffer from countless sleepless nights after difficult bedtime routines. They know how hard it is to put the baby to sleep, especially when the baby is cranky and refuses to close the eyes and start napping. That is why often parents go out of their way and come up with new hacks that will help them put the baby to sleep.

Put your baby to sleep with the help of the relaxing sound of water. There is nothing more soothing and relaxing than the sound of running water. It is believed to be great for meditation, relaxation, yoga, massage, spa treatments, covering up unwanted sounds and even helping your baby to go to sleep.

This amazing parenting hack is helping new parents to finally get some sleep. The footage shows three week old baby A’mire being put to sleep by her aunt to the sound of running bathwater. The white noise seems to soothe her and soon adorable A’mire is sleeping peacefully.

This lady came up with a neat parenting tip to sooth the crying baby. Footage shows aunt rocking little A’mire in her arms right next to the sink. When she turns the water on, we first think that she is going to splash some water onto baby’s head, to help with the relaxation. However, that is not the case. She turns on the tap and leaves the water running, while constantly rocking the baby next to the sink.

It is amazing how quick this technique works, it puts the mind at ease and helps the body relax. That is exactly what happened with this baby. The crying was gradually reduced and the baby fell asleep in no time.

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