Sneaky Donut Eater Makes Adorable Confession

Published March 30, 2016 24,853 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsThis little princess may be super sweet and adorable, but she is not as innocent as she appears! When her dad asks her about the suspicious chocolate stain around her mouth, she plays up her cuteness card as she denies knowing anything about a certain chocolate donut that was supposed to be saved for her mother.

This sweet girl also has a sweet tooth and has been secretly sneaking in the kitchen and feasting on her mother’s delicious donut, as there is evidence of her doing so all over her face. Her cute little cheeks are covered in chocolate but that doesn’t stop her from playing cool and justifying to her dad. Watch as she gives her father the most adorable explanation about where the chocolate is from. Apparently she ate some chocolate donuts without asking for a permission and tries to get away with it in the cutest possible way!

This father is persistent to get a confession out of his daughter for eating her mother’s donut and continues posing questions to which the girl is hesitant and gives different responses. The results from the interrogation are hilarious as this girl cannot decide and make up her mind for what happened. First she claims that she doesn’t know anything about a donut, and then she openly admits to eating a donut and even adds that her mother is going to be very happy about it too!


  • Ivana, 3 years ago

    She's so sweet!!! :))

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