Cute Little Girl Denies Eating Chocolate

Published September 17, 2014 174 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsLiterally everyone loves chocolate. Who can resist such sweet pleasure made from cacao beans? Chocolate cakes, blocks, pudding, cookies, ice cream, you name it, we just love everything that contains a bit of chocolate in it. Chocolate is somehow more than a food, but less than a drug!

Toddlers need healthy and varied diet in order to grow and develop well, but to give them some sweets once in a while is no harm at all. Youngsters can often refuse foods and make scenes about eating meals you prepare them. But there isn’t a kid on this wide world that will say ‘NO’ to chocolate. In fact, treats like candies and chocolate bars are the reason why kids' favorite celebration is Halloween!

Take a look at this young girl in the video. She was tasting some melted chocolate with a spoon when her mother caught her in the act. Her reaction is hilarious. Her mother asks her: ‘Are you eating some chocolate?’ to which the smart girl answers ‘No, I’m just licking it!’. The young girl smiles and proceeds with her dessert.

The guilty tot tries to convince her mother that she is not eating chocolate, despite the evidence on her face and clothes! Once she realizes that she’s been caught, her reply is even better! She is manipulating her way out of trouble and it looks so adorable on camera!

Watch as this adorable toddler comes up with a brilliant excuse after her mother catches her tasting a few scoops of chocolate. She's not eating it, she's 'licking it, can you believe her! It’s not quite the same, right?