Cute Senior Couple Tells It Like It Is After 65 Years Of Marriage

Published March 16, 2016 278,849 Views

Rumble / Funny & WeirdHappy, long lasting marriage is what every person out there strives for. But with so many people feeling out of luck when it comes to finding the right one, they surely ask themselves “what is the secret?". Have you ever thought about asking your elder relatives about it?

While working a wedding, one professional videographer encountered an elderly couple who happened to be in attendance as guests. It seems that it was their anniversary! After learning they'd been married for 65 years, he decided to ask them for marriage advice and film their responses. It'd make a cute addition to the wedding footage, or so he'd hoped.

Grandpa seems like he’s having hearing problems, so grandma repeats the questions for him. He says that disagreeing with everybody is bad for a long lived marriage and that you should compromise every once in awhile. Grandma adds that she picked the perfect partner, that they love each other and that led to a beautiful life.

Meaning to take things to a lighter note, the photographer asks them if there is any “spark" left after 65 years, but the old man’s response caught everyone off guards, the wife probably too! Without sugarcoating things, attempting to sound romantic or anything, the husband says it like it is: “I don’t think so". His family laughs at his stone-cold comment, but then he throws everyone off with his addition “I haven’t tried for a few years!" Way to go, grandpa!

Spark or not, it would seem that these two are the perfect match. No pressure or anything...