Grandpa gets his dream car after 65 years

starfisher Published August 16, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble Charlie Marvin Green Jr has been a YouTube sensation for quite a while and is more commonly known as ‘Angry Grandpa’ on his channel with over three million subscribers.

In a heartfelt video that was posted recently, we see “Angry Grandpa” being brought to tears by his son Michael who prepared a fantastic surprise for him. He gifted him his dream car, a Chevrolet Bel Air from 1955, exactly like the one Charlie lost years ago.

Because of the popularity of the Angry Grandpa YouTube channel, son Michael was already able to fulfill one of his dad’s dreams, which was to own his own house. He mentions that his father always wanted his dream car back, so he recently made that wish come true as well.

Angry Grandpa was given the 1955 Chevrolet when he was just sixteen years old and just got his driver’s license. A couple of weeks after he got it, his sister and her boyfriend took the car to take a trip to California. Unfortunately, the trip didn’t exactly go as expected, as the car broke down on the way there.

Because of the mechanical troubles, his sister simply sold the Chevy to a local junkyard, without Charlie even knowing.

He says in the video that he would’ve traveled all the way over the there to get the car himself, but he never got the opportunity to do so. Absolutely heartbroken, Charlie has regretted it ever since.

However, his son Michael reunited him with a car that looked exactly the same, over 65 years later. The two were running errands and came across the 1955 Chevy in a parking lot, and Angry Grandpa noticed it immediately and quickly became very emotional.

He was admiring the car for minutes and even quickly took a picture with it, as he thought the owner might return to the car at any moment.

Little did he know that his son was actually the owner, and he conveniently placed the car in that parking lot to tease his father.

He reminisces about his dream car that was taken away from him and seeing that car on the parking lot certainly brought up a lot of memories and emotions.

When the two returned home, Charlie was extremely surprised to see the car driving on the driveway. It doesn’t take long before he realizes that it was a surprise from his son all along, and he immediately breaks down in tears.

You can definitely tell how much this grandfather appreciated this incredible gesture from his son. The two share some nice moments and a big hug together, and then “Angry Grandpa” happily takes the classic car on a ride.

What a heartwarming video!