This Lady Knows How Important Hygiene Is, Inside And Out

ViralHogPublished: February 22, 2016Updated: February 26, 20161,752 plays$5.10 earned
Published: February 22, 2016Updated: February 26, 2016

Can car washes be tricky? Apparently so, if we got to ask this lady! A woman was spotted at a car wash in Perth, Australia, with a very peculiar technique for car washing and the video went viral in the blink of an eye. You just have to see this!

A man by the name of Sam Bajram was sitting in his car with a buddy at a car wash in Malaga, waiting for his turn, when he spies this lady scrubbing THE INSIDE of her Mazda 3 sedan with a soapy brush. Gotta lather up, nice and good! Sam whipped out that smart phone with the speed of light and started recording just as the woman took the soapy brush to the front passenger seat, scrubbing the inside of the door and the floor with the suds. Of course, he uploaded the video on Facebook!

"At first I thought she was a bit nuts," Sam told WAtoday. "Then my partner and I had a little chuckle as she started scrubbing the doors. At first I did feel wrong filming it, then I thought she can learn the hard way."

The comments on Sam’s Facebook upload got swamped with comments from all over the world, some offering very unique theories as to why would she adopt such a strange washing technique. Someone even mentioned that maybe she had just dumped a cadaver somewhere and was trying to scrub the evidence off!

Whatever it was, the dedication on that woman is admirable. Bravo, madam!

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