These Wild Bears Just Made Some Camper's Trip A Real Nightmare

attilaPublished: February 23, 2016146,853 views
Published: February 23, 2016

Camping can be a great adventure and fun activity in which you experience the glory of nature and discover new things about yourself. However, It can also be a total nightmare which can make you never to even think about camping. You always have to remember one golden rule about camping: Please, please remember that rules are there for a reason and that your safety and the safety of others comes first when it comes to camping and entering nature! We can say that these people definitely had a bad experience and they won’t be thinking about camping again!

The campers decided to have a little adventure on the Sakhalin Island in Russia. And they really had an adventure if we may say so! Their camping was intruded by some big brown bears! A pair of very large brown wild bears completely destroyed the tent on a camping trip they had on Sakhalin Island in Russia. The campers were forced to light flares in order to scare them away. It's a good thing nobody was in that tent when the bears came!

When you go camping always remember that there are also a lot of potential dangers lurking around every tree branch that should be avoided at all times and always check if the place is safe. Even if you think of yourself as an experienced camper, chances are you’ve still made at least one mistake. Be safe!

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