Ultimate Steak and Potatoes

ObsevFoodPublished: June 11, 2015Updated: February 19, 2016601 views
Published: June 11, 2015Updated: February 19, 2016

We've got the ultimate any time meal recipe for you, steak and potatoes! It's super easy, it's quick, and it's sure to impress. Here's what you'll need: Yukon Gold Potatoes Steak Cast Iron Pan Food Mill Grape Seed Oil Unsalted Butter Kosher Salt Ground Pepper Fresh Thyme Garlic Cloves Put your potatoes into a pot as a single layer, make sure you don't stack them. Cover with water, lid it, and put over a flame and let sit on a low boil. Salt your steak liberally with Kosher salt and let sit for at least a half hour, preferably 30 minutes. Make sure to pat dry after you've let it sit, then add some more salt and ground pepper. Pre-heat your pan for about 10 minutes on a medium-high flame then add some grape seed oil . Lay the steak seasoned side down. Make sure to lay it away from you to avoid splatter. Season the now top facing unseasoned side with salt and pepper. Sear for about a minute then flip. Add butter, unpeeled garlic, and thyme to the pan. Baste the stake with the butter, then plate it. Remove the potatoes, peel, and grind in a food mill. Whisk the potatoes and add heavy creamer and butter until you reach a consistency you prefer. Do the same with the salt. Plate it, serve it, enjoy!

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