The Walking Dead Burning Zombie Cocktail, Can You Survive Its Bite?

ObsevFoodPublished: October 9, 2015Updated: February 19, 2016100 views
Published: October 9, 2015Updated: February 19, 2016

In honor of ‘The Walking Dead’ returning to TV we’re making a burning zombie cocktail. If you’ve ever imbibed in zombies before, you’re well aware how this cocktail can leave your staggering around like the undead!Start by pouring 1.5 oz white rum and 1.5 oz of dark rum into a glass. On top of that pour equal parts of pineapple and cranberry juice.Add ice and give it a stir then strain into another glass.We here at the Savory are professionals so for added effect we floated 151 proof rum on top then lit it on fire. Please don’t do this if you don’t know what you’re doing and NEVER drink a lit cocktail.

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