This Is What Happens When You're Too Lazy To Clean Your Windshield

voytech Published February 18, 2016 396,257 Plays

Rumble / Horrible DriversDriving a car is a real benefit, not having to rely on public transport to get from point A to point B. But having a car also means a great load of responsibility, like maintaining your vehicle to be in its best shape so that both you and those around you are safe at all times. This does not mean loading up with fuel and checking the breaks, no; it means that when heavy snow falls, you better clean it off your car if you want to pay good attention to the road.

Now let’s face it - we all have that day when we would much rather lay around and do close to nothing, but bills need to be paid and the fridge stocked. That means getting off your behind, getting in your vehicle and driving off to do your thing. However, that does not mean that you get to leave said snow on 90% of your windshield, just because you are in a hurry to get back to your warm and cozy home!

This dash cam footage may have captured the most ridiculous driver we have ever seen. They nearly crash into cars stopped a traffic light because they were too lazy to brush off the snow on their windshield! Have you ever seen anything like this before?!

We have no idea what they were thinking when they brushed a tiny square on the glass, just so that they can see ahead. Have you ever heard of peripheral vision? It is just as important as your central vision, if not even more important, because of scenarios like this one!