Dashcam Footage Shows Confused Driver Causing A Pile Up On The Highway

wizardofkoz Published August 14, 2017 462,282 Plays

Rumble / Horrible DriversDash cam video from an extremely distracted driver captures the moment she completely totals a white 2016 Ford Focus SE Sport by slamming into the back of it, causing a pile up on the highway. She was driving a Ford Explorer at around 60 mph, completely unaware that the cars ahead of her were at a complete stop!

Footage displays the terrifying moment when a reckless driver crushes her vehicle into stopped traffic and results in collision!

This lady was obviously distracted because she drove straight into a row of parked cars at a high speed for no apparent reason. Did her car slip on the road? Was she driving too fast? Perhaps she was texting? Regardless of the reason for her reckless driving, she definitely needs to be more careful because she poses the risk of serious harm.

The scary scene unfolded on a highway when an alleged distracted driver plowed into the back of stopped traffic at around 60 mph, triggering a chain-reaction crash and the whole thing was caught on camera. There is no information about any victims or serious injuries, but hopefully, nobody got hurt.

It's easy to pin the blame on this woman and her distracted driving, but it's also a sobering reminder of how quickly things can change in an instant. At 60 mph, you're covering more than a hundred feet per second. Fiddle with the GPS for a bit too long, and suddenly an obstacle that was a quarter of a mile away is closing fast! Driving is not a joke, always remember to keep your eyes on the road!


  • Dirkleburt, 1 year ago

    Uh ... Sixty miles per hour is NOT "more" than 100 feet per second. I know. It's a minor detail; but it makes you wonder whether the writer ever studied basic arithmetic.

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    • nyITguy, 1 year ago

      Try 88 fps.

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  • riverdealer, 1 year ago

    the HELL with your leg...what about those YOU HURT with your stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE the cops confiscate the dash cam and use it for evidence against those YOU crashed into !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Rumblestiltskin, 1 year ago

    Hearing her son say, "oh no," right before impact was heartbreaking. He's more attentive than she is. I hope the texts she was sending were worth risking his life.

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  • Oldfart, 1 year ago

    Yup !! Defo!! But governments and carmakers, between them are causing this problem To much fiddlyshit now taking your mind off driving

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  • koko2017, 1 year ago

    The title should not be showing 'confused' for this driver. It should read distracted.

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  • 3dpraxisstudio, 1 year ago

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  • Dougers, 1 year ago

    distracted not confused, u dipshit.

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  • wizardofkoz, 1 year ago

    Check out the near miss at the 7-8 sec mark! Another driver was coming down the left lane and had to swerve into the grass to avoid hitting the white car again as it was pushed into the fast lane. You can see it for a brief flash through the window and emerge in front of the white car. Great reflexes! Somebody up above was watching over this, it definitely could've turned out much worse for everybody!

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