This Family Has Been Feeding A Doe That Regularly Visits Their Backyard

Published February 16, 2016 59,781 Views $87.01 earned

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsDeer are known to be quite timid and docile creatures. They are more cautious and skittish and for good reason, since they are prey to so many other species. But every once in awhile deer approach humans in their habitat and out of it, getting out of their comfort zone, mostly in the search for food.

Being that close to a wild animal can be quite humbling, feeling that the creature trusts you enough to get close to you. An encounter like that would leave no one indifferent.

Kristine Tayson’s family from Saratoga, Wyoming have had the utmost pleasure and honor to become rather close to a doe that was a regular guest in theirs and their neighbors’ backyard. During last year’s winter season, Mama, as they called the doe, became quite regular with her visits, even felt comfortable enough to jump into their property and grab some food from the people’s son’s hand!

Kristine said: "The doe (Aka Mama) has been coming by our house since before Christmas. We have been feeding her apples on our side of the fence and she was on our neighbors side (3 foot fence). She comes by every afternoon between 3-5 pm to get apples from us. A few days before she came up to our porch so we figured she might come to us. We all went outside (myself, my husband, Don, and Wyatt) to feed her. I thought she might come to Wyatt so I told him to back up. She jumped right over to him for apples."

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