Dozen Of Playful Deer Happily Chasing Each Other

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Published: December 29, 2015Updated: February 11, 2016

An adorable footage has emerged of dozen of playful deer, cheerfully playing on a meadow, chasing each other for joy. Footage was captured on September 4, 2014 in Long Island, NY when a man and his wife spotted the happy deer running around having fun on someone’s front lawn.

If you have ever seen these woodland creatures in the wild, you know how skittish they are. One snap of a tree branch and they’re off like a rocket. Usually deer are timid and avoid human interaction. However, that was not the case with these cheerful deer who were running around and playing on the lawn like little children, not afraid by the human onlookers.

Deer cannot be hunted here and predators are few, which is why they have become accustomed to the humans who live in this area and will often wander near or watch them curiously from a short distance. This has gone on for generations and the deer know little fear of humans. Because this area is a protected sanctuary, the interaction with humans poses no threat.

If you sit quietly for long enough, you are likely to see deer wander past as they graze and explore. Crunching on a snack can make them even more bold. Apparently, this herd of playful deer dared to explore someone’s yard and did not mind the human movement. Incredible!

Watch as they run, hop and chase each other in the green wonderland. Over a dozen deer can be seen enjoying themselves and exploring the surroundings, they are thought to be chasing each other around. Judging by their casual run, they feel safe and comfortable in this area.

Deer are one of the most beautiful and gentle animals on earth and spending time sitting quietly observing their being, sharing the silence with these graceful creatures is truly one unforgettable experience.

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