Deer Gets Frisky With Lawn Ornament Deer

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Published: November 13, 2017

This woman was driving home from work when she saw a deer getting frisky with her neighbor's lawn ornaments in the shape of deer. Moments like this shouldn’t be missed, so she had to stop, back up her car and film a video. She says that she needed this kind of footage to crack a joke with her deer hunting buddies.

This event occurred on November 6, 2017 in Edgerton, Wisconsin, USA when a confused deer was caught red handed in the act of getting frisky with the lawn ornaments. Little did he know that he is being filmed and that his failed attempt to get lucky was caught on camera. Poor deer, he tries to correct his mistake and tries to cover up his first failed attempt by getting onto the second deer.

In several parts of U.S., deer encounters are incredibly common, especially in the northern states, which makes them dangerous for drivers in rural areas. And when it comes to does protecting their fawns, they will stop at nothing to keep their young safe, and also bucks can be aggressive during mating season.

Hunting or not, this video is hilarious, and shows that the instinctive behavior in animals cannot be controlled when exposed to the proper stimulus. Usually deer storm off quite quickly, but this deer seems to be persistent in sticking around and for one specific reason only.

This deer lost his way and was wandering into someone's lawn when he confused an ornament for one of its own and got down to business with it. Oh deer!

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