This Puppy Rescue Video Went Viral Instantly For All The Right Reasons

Published February 11, 2016 2,819,978 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesMillions of animals enter shelters across America each year, and many of them are euthanized because they cannot find a forever home. That is why Save a Hound made this video, starring Suzie, a two-year-old Beagle pup with a sad little story of her own.

Found emaciated and not socialized, she was taken to the Maryland SPCA in Baltimore two days before the video was shot. In it, she finds love in the eyes of a young girl who takes her home but not before showing how depressed these pets become when they see other animals around them get adopted into loving homes forever.

That story might have been pretending, but Suzie’s story found its happy end very soon after. In reality, Suzie didn't stay at the shelter for long. Just four days after she was admitted, Suzie was adopted by a retired clergyman as a Christmas present for his twins Brianna and Brian.

He felt like Suzie's breed, and her need to be adopted was perfect for him and his family, and he did not hesitate to give Suzie a warm and loving home. Save A Hound is a pending non-profit entity that will fund the creation of more compelling and uplifting mainstream media. The more they can assist shelters in their marketing efforts through high-quality entertainment, the more they can encourage widespread adoption. They dream of a day when all pets, especially the four-legged hound friends, live in permanent, loving and safe environments. Please join them and help them with the adoption of these incredible little creatures who melt our hearts!

Dogs are incredible creatures and man’s best friends! They are loyal, lovable, fun and will be there for us no matter what! But, not always owning a dog means to buy one, the best way to get a dog is to adopt one. All dogs deserve a home, a family who will love them and make them part of their family.

It is imperative to consider adopting a pet. By adopting you save a life and because you will get a magnificent animal, who will appreciate your love and care and will give back twice as much. Take a look at this video, and see how much you can change a dog’s life if you adopt one and how much a dog can change your life.

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  • Elaine, 3 years ago

    Love this...even though it made me cry.

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  • Brad, 3 years ago

    Nobody wanted the little puppy that was being passed around the tables at our village fete, that is until it arrived where my wife and I were sitting. It was no bigger than a good slice of bread, but wiggled from my hand and jumped onto my shoulder, and promptly went to sleep. That night he came home with us, that was two years ago, he is grown up now and we have named him Lucky. He is now our master and is totally spolied, because we love him without conditions.

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  • umanakka, 3 years ago

    Really touching and pinching the Heart. One day in mid 2014, my daughter found and picked one year old slum dog, spitz breed, hiding in our backyard. May be it was chased by big dogs in my area. My daughter told me, I have no choice except to adopt it. A nd she already given me the assignment of taking care of 4 slum dogs feeding them twice a day. Any way once she said, I have no choice. This cute fellow was very dirty and thin at that tim. The very next moment we took the fellow to the nearby Dog House, got it a thorough chemical wash and anti rabies injection. It is very intelligent and became very mischievous. I never use any belt or a separate place for it to sleep. It moves free and sleeps with us on our bed. Myself my wife are attached so much with it, one of us will stay home always, if there are no other members available to look after it. I always tell Thanks to my daughter for introducing a good friend and also requests her, not to introduce any more. You know what she said" Dad just Pray God" and laughed.

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