Rescue Beagle Steals Owner's Coffee From Family Van

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Published: April 16, 2017Updated: April 18, 2017

Buddha is a rescued beagle who has a nose and stomach that are always working overtime. He can smell food at great distances and zero right in. But his nose doesn't just lead him to food that dogs are supposed to like. He will eat or drink almost anything. He discovered that the family van often has half finished coffee in the cup holder and he developed quite a taste for it.

He's crafty enough to climb in and then carry the cup out, only spilling half of it on the front seat. Then he trots down the path to a quiet spot in the trees where he can gulp it down.

Once he "escapes" into the forest away from any human, he then carefully rips through the carton cup and enjoys him self some delicious coffee. Although, the coffee by it self is not what triggers him but possibly the sugar within. We can never know, maybe he felt tired and thought he needed a boost. Ether way he did menage to steal and drink all that was left from his owners coffee.

Buddha is no angel but he makes up for it by being so lovable and adorable!

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