Tap Dance Showdown Between Talented Toddler And Seasoned Pro

Published February 9, 2016 8,629,834 Views

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleWatch as Justin M. Lewis and Luke Spring perform together at the D.C. Tap Festival. Now that's a showdown to remember!

The 13-year-old Luke Spring from Ashburn is a YouTube darling which carries the weight of America's tap dancing future on his 52-pound frame. Luke has been impressing the audience since 2010, but has recently risen to fame since performing on New York stages and TV screens.

He isn't just a prodigious tapper, he is also one of the best young dancers in North America, in tap, hip-hop, jazz and lyrical dancing. He took two month off fourth grade to make his Broadway debut in “A Christmas Story: The Musical" and joined them on tour in the fall on 2013.

Luke's career started as in a movie: he found a pair of his sisters' dance shoes, put them on and started making the same noise he was making with his hands on his drum kit. His mom enrolled him in dance class with Justin M. Lewis, who felt humbled that he should teach a dance prodigy something that he is already really good at since 2009.

Luke and Lewis performed a tag-team routine: a tiny blond boy and a six-foot-tall African American guy. The performance at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts was sold out. We send our best wishes to the blond tap dancing prodigy and we hope to see him on the grand stage at Broadway again very soon!

Talking about tap dancing for life, It is sad that many people still believe that growing old means giving up on so many things you used to love to do. Well, newsflash everybody - that is not the case anymore! If you want proof, you just have to see this other video of a 80-year-old grandpa! The man is still a talented tap dancer and he still has some serious moves to show off!

Dressed in his flashy outfit, with the tap dancing shoes and everything, he wears his best accessory - his smile. Everyone watching is clearly impressed, judging from the cheers he receives while he tap-tap-tap dances away on the deck.

What is even sadder is that, no matter how hard we try, we will never be able to do even half of what he does! This goes further into the claim that yes, age is just a number. You are as old as you feel.

Speaking of dancing elderly people you just have to see this little old lady. Young men line up to have the honor of dancing with the 90-year-old dancing queen Jean Phelps Veloz during SEA Jam 2014 dance camp, organized by Jitterbugs Swingapore and Bangkok Swing. Now that's impressive! This is how you do it!

Still not convinced? How about gymnast Johanna Quaas? In this impressive video, we see the 91-year-old lady performing a flawless gymnastics routine during a competition in Berlin, Germany. "She was the oldest person at the Turnfest 'senior competition' and they put her in the 70+ section because there are only 'younger' people in the group," says the person who filmed Johanna.