Seagull Hilariously Tap Dances On Command

Published July 14, 2015 8,847 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsIt is truly amazing to see the sheer intellect of some animals. Sure, we all know that they have to be very smart and intuitive to survive in the wild, but the fact that we don’t come in such close contact with them makes us twice as much surprised when we actually see their capabilities. It might be the way they observe their surroundings or a skill they have acquired that makes them so special, but it will leave us in awe for sure.

This birdy sure knows how to impress us. Tony, the ring-billed seagull has no problem showing off his smooth dance moves on command. The footage is courtesy of Messinger Woods Animal Hospital and Rehabilitation Center where Tony is a resident. Seagulls have long been known to interact with humans. In fact, many sailors would say that seagulls are just like their pets. Back in the day, the only distraction for the sailors would be the seagulls and their antics on the decks of wooden ships. We guess that some of that must have rubbed off on this birds because they have acquired a few characteristics.

We have seen other cases of seagulls making spot-on impressions of some human qualities, and they are all amazing and hilarious. What Tony does is so amazing because he gets it done on command. He waits patiently for his trainer to give him the go and then he starts to tap furiously on the ground with his feet. It is absolutely adorable! Watch as he shows off his best "Fred Astaire" impression.

When on the topic of birds and the hilarious things they do, take a look at this playful pigeon spinning in circles like on s Carousel. This is the hilarious moment when a playful pigeon was caught spinning round and round on a turbine vent just for fun. Footage, filmed from a car park in Huntington Beach, California, USA, on July 21, shows the careless pigeon sitting on a spinning tribune vent, enjoying the time of its life. Michael Leon, the filmmaker of this hilarious clip, was surprised by the strange behavior of this bird and posted this shot for others to enjoy it as well!

We haven’t had the pleasure of seeing what birds love in life to keep them happy, until now. Curious footage shows the hilarious moment when a pigeon is spotted spinning on a tribune vent just for fun. He seems to be fully captivated by the makeshift carousel that he sits on it and enjoys riding it in circles for long period of time. How cool is that?

What did you think of this cocky bird spinning around a tribune vent on the rooftop of a house, having the time of its life? What an unusual toy to play with! Watch how it spins round and round in circles, managing to keep its balance. Adorable!

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