Mountain bikers tempt fate on dangerous White Line trail

NateHillsPublished: February 4, 201639,282 views
Published: February 4, 2016

Nate Hills rides the dangerous White Line into Little Horse, located in Sedona, Arizona, with Kyle Mears. Watch the incredible journey as it unfolds!

We see Nate and his fellow enduro racer Kyle ride the white line zig and zag down the hills in Arizona and our blood freezes in our veins. We expect either of them to slip accidentally and we cringe on every turn. But for these two, the white line is just another pavement; a street with no cars, one that they can ride freely without interruptions.

Nate Hills is an enduro racer and adventurer. From the lung-searing high mountains of Colorado to the high glacier covered mountains of Bolivia, Nate Hills pushes the human limit of what is possible with the bike.

Enduro is a stage-race format where the winner is the rider who accumulates the lowest combined time from the timed downhill sections. Enduros typically take place over one or two days, however, week-long competitions also exist such as the Trans Provence (France), the Andes Pacifico (Chile), and the Pisgah Stage Race (United States).A typical one-day enduro consists of 3 to 5 timed stages which take place on technically demanding, generally descending terrain, and often with sections of singletrack. These stages are linked by predominantly ascending "transfer" stages. Although a rider's performance on the physically demanding transfer stages does not affect his or her result, they often have a time-limit, or a latest allowed arrival-time for the start of the next stage. (source: Wikipedia)

According to the Enduro World Series 2015 Rule Book, a minimum of four special stages is required per event, a minimum of three different courses must be used, and the results will be calculated by adding all stage times together for each rider.

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