Fearless Biker Rides 'White Line' Cliffside Trail

9 years ago

There is a fine line between being adventurous and completely insane and we are pretty sure that daredevils will ride their bikes on it, just for fun!

Watch as daredevil Michal Kollbek rides the White Line in Sedona, Arizona! While out on a recent trip to the area, Michal decided to attempt the infamous trail and managed to conquer it while on camera! He later said that riding the White Line was one of the scariest stunts he has ever performed while on bike, but he was confident that he can pull it off, because it's thrills like this that wake him up everyday!

Marshall Mullen managed to capture stunning sights of the ride using a drone.

Nate Hills and his fellow enduro racer Kyle also took a ride along the white line zig and zag down the hills in Arizona and our blood froze in our veins. We expect either of them to slip accidentally and we cringe on every turn. But for these two mountain bikers, the white line is just another pavement; a street with no cars, one that they can ride freely without interruptions.

Nate Hills is an enduro racer and adventurer. From the lung-searing high mountains of Colorado to the high glacier covered mountains of Bolivia, Nate Hills pushes the human limit of what is possible with the bike.

Credit to 'Marshall Mullen'.

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