Wild Boar heroically saved from slippery frozen lake

DjakePublished: February 3, 2016484,347 views
Published: February 3, 2016

What an inspiring video! In Sweden, on a lake south of Stockholm, a group of ice skaters were enjoying their day, skating on the ice, when they came across four wild boars. The boars were struggling and could not move as the ice was very slippery. They did not have enough strength in their body to get to the other side of the ice. There was no way for them to escape from the little island in the middle of the lake.

These four ice skaters started to slowly move the boars to the other side of the ice. With the help from the group of ice skaters, the boars were able to get off the ice and survive. If they were not saved, they wouldn't be able to get any food to eat or any water to drink. Thank goodness these ice skaters were there to save the day! They all had the right equipment to be efficient and safely move the boars to the other side of the frozen lake. I am sure the boars appreciated this action very much! If you can make a difference in your day, why not make a difference? Doing something nice makes your day a little brighter!

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    lilbehr ยท 50 weeks ago

    Thanks you guys ! You made my day ... and his as well :)