Divers Dwarfed By Enormous Sunfish

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Published: February 2, 2016

There’s so little we know of our planet, and naturally it makes us curious as to what else is out there. This thirst for knowledge makes us push our boundaries and reach for the unknown. So far we’ve been able to see almost everything that’s above ground but there are many wonders lurking in the waters depths and the inside of our mysterious planet.

We are reaching for the stars, but we know only a few percents of what the ocean waters hold. There have been many expeditions in the darkest parts of the sea, but we have yet to reach the bottom of the abyss. So far we have gone down to 35,858 feet below the sea’s surface and it’s every bit as magical as we thought it might be.

This footage was filmed near Ilha de Santa Maria, Açores in Portugal on September 26, 2015 and it shows us just a tiny bit of the wonders that the oceans hold. The divers were able to experience an encounter with an enormous Sunfish and this is what one of them has to say about it:

"A few days before, my camera was damaged when the underwater housing flooded. The bad luck was compensated when diving with a GoPro I saw the giant Sunfish almost at surface level and practically static. The Sunfish seemed not to be bothered by our presence at all and followed us for 15 minutes." --- This rare footage of a gigantic sunfish was captured on film by photographer Miguel Pereira off the coast of Portugal. The huge creature dwarfs the divers as it swims past. The slow-moving fish and clear water allow for some spectacular close-ups of this amazing animal.

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