Police Officer Saves Baby Skunk Stuck In A Yogurt Container

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Published: January 28, 2016

After noticing a skunk in distress, a police officer from the Rochester Police Department decided to stop and help out the little guy. How amazing is that?

Skunks are pretty scary creatures, known for their fierceness but namely their power to omit one of the most rancid smells known. This skunk was seen moving in circular motion in the middle of the street, being caught in quite the predicament. This furry little guy had gotten its head stuck in a plastic cup. Luckily this kind officer was brave enough to rescue it at the cost of getting sprayed. Great job!

Not many people would do what this Good Samaritan did. No one wants to be attacked with the smell of a skunk. The smell is so strong that showers and bathing can't help you get rid of it. What would have you done in that situation?

Footage shows a police car driving down the street and stopping the car upon noticing a skunk moving in circles in the middle of the street, struggling to get its head out of the yogurt container. One police officer is seen exiting the vehicle and slowly approaching the trapped animal, attempting to rescue the unfortunate skunk and free his head from the cup.

Rochester Police Department captures hilarious footage of a skunk with a cup stuck on his head being rescued by an officer. Namely, this officer came upon a skunk with its head stuck inside a cup while on street patrol and he decided to help despite the high risk of a stinky outcome.

When he found the animal wandering in the street with a yogurt cup onto its head he tried to gently remove the cup with his hand. However, the moment he removed the cup, the skunk lifted its tail and sprayed the officer away! Not a nice way to treat someone who saved your life, buddy!

Credit to 'Rochester Police Department'.

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