Police Officer Helps Thirsty Skunk With His Head Stuck In A Cup

USATODAY_AnimalkindPublished: October 2, 2017442 views
Published: October 2, 2017

York, Maine Police Department captures hilarious footage of a skunk with a cup stuck on his head. Namely, Officer David McKinnon came upon a skunk with its head stuck inside a cup while on patrol early Sunday and he decided to help despite the high risk of a stinky outcome.

David was working the night shift as a motorcycle cop. He found the animal wandering in the street with a McFlurry cup onto its head which is not exactly a typical call. The cup’s lid was still attached to the cup.

He recorded this video with his smartphone in one hand and by gently tugging on the paper cup with the other hand while speaking reassuringly to the skunk. This skunk was a little too eager to get the last drop of milkshake from the bottom of the cup.

Once freed, the skunk lifted its tail in preparation to spray. But it decided instead to scamper away as McKinnon exclaimed, “I never thought in a million years!”

The York Police Department will receive a framed certificate, a box of delicious vegan cookies, and copies of PETA’s posters reminding everyone to replace lids and crush all cans and containers.

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