Paramedic Responding To Scene Receives Surprise Marriage Proposal

Published January 4, 2016 1,862,875 Views

Rumble / Priceless MomentsOn 2 October 2015 Emily McKenzie was on her shift as a paramedic when she received a call to a country club. An elderly man has gone into a “cardiac arrest" and they were asked to use the front entrance upon arrival.

Emily arrived and began her prep to help the man. When she approached the scene, a team of firefighters was already working on resuscitating the man back to consciousness and one of them approached the paramedic to brief her on the situation, before letting her provide advanced cardiac life support.

Being all professional, Emily did not realize that it was her boyfriend Nik Raw providing first aid to the victim, who actually happened to be a practice dummy! Before she could find out more, Nik drops on his knee in front of Emily and pulls out a diamond ring, asking for Emily's hand in marriage!

There's no need to explain how and why she felt, because the ecstatic bride-to-be burst into tears of joy, right after she utter a broken “yes" to the joy and laughter of everyone present. Of course both her and Nik's families were present, with Nik's parents holding signs saying “Will you be my daughter-in-law?" Now that is one unique and creative proposal!