Man Drops Engagement Ring Into The Ocean During A Romantic Proposal

The marriage proposal is a special moment in couple’s relationship. It is often planned out weeks or months in advance, and the ring is typically picked out after the exhausting search for the perfect one. This wonderful moment is often followed with happiness and relief when the woman says “yes", unless of course, you drop the ring in the ocean!

What begins as a heartwarming moment ends in disaster for this newly engaged couple. After a surprise marriage proposal, this man accidentally drops the engagement ring off the side of the pier and straight into the ocean. Talk about an epic fail!

This poor man, named Sergio in Florida, lost his fiancée’s engagement ring right after he popped the question. The couple has been together for fifteen years, waiting and longing for this special moment! Sergio must have been overwhelmed when he accidentally dropped the ring after he proposed to his girlfriend Sarka on a patio overlooking the ocean in Clearwater, Florida. Everything was going smoothly until that point!

On a beautiful, sunny day, the couple shared a sweet hug after a plane flew through the sky with a banner reading “Will you marry me Sarka? Love Sergio" and Sarka said “yes." However, as they pulled out of the hug, Sarka’s elbow accidentally knocked the ring box out of Sergio’s hand, which he didn’t hold tight, and it flew over the railing and into the water below.

We don’t want to imagine who was crying more after this little incident! If you do happen to find this infamous ring, do contact the owner!

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