Baby Sister Doesn't Want To Share Birthday Wishes

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Published: December 10, 2015

Group efforts among sibling can be a tough job, especially if every kid is supposed to do a different thing. Plus, if they have to do it in front of a camera for someone else to see it, you can bet your money that someone will like to take the whole credit, because, hey, posterity!

These three siblings were supposed to say happy birthday to Charlie, by each saying one word to complete the greeting. Apparently everyone agreed to it, but there is one problem - baby sister Margaret wants to say the whole thing on her own. She is a big girl and she can handle the pressure, so why not?

But her brothers think it unfair that she should say the whole greeting and they don’t get to send good wishes to Charlie. When mom tells Margaret that she should only say “Happy” and not the whole thing, she pouts her tiny lips and crosses her arms across her chest, a sure tell sign that she will not play under those rules.

Mom then tries another approach, having the oldest son start the greeting, but when the time comes for Margaret to say “Charlie”, her mouth is busy sucking nervously on her thumb. She doesn’t want one word, she wants to say all three of them!

It would seem that the solution to this conundrum is for everybody to say “Happy Birthday Charlie” in unison. Fair play is the best play, after all.

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