Kind Brother Offers Moral Support To Crying Baby Sister Scared Of Car Wash

Caters_NewsPublished: August 10, 2017322 views
Published: August 10, 2017

Every girl would be lucky to have a brother; younger or older, it doesn’t matter. The support you get from a sibling cannot be compared with anything in the whole white world and this little girl has felt it first hand. The adorable baby freaked out at the auto wash, but lucky for her, big brother was right there to tell her she has nothing to fear and it will soon pass.

When Youtuber/comedian and stay at home mom Alyssa Price filmed her two children - Declan, age four and Raleigh, age one, as big brother comforted baby sister while they were passing through the automatic car wash. Alyssa says that she hadn’t realized up to that point that the girl has never been awake at the car wash before and all that swooshing and sounds made her cry. “She is a loud and fierce crier and I couldn’t help but document her car wash reaction”

Big brother Declan took on to at least soothe the baby girl and put her to ease. “We are gonna get home very fast. We won’t die” said the tot with all the honest intentions and we just melted into a puddle. His comforting made Raleigh stop for a moment and check out the situation out front, to which the brother continued “See, they’re still in the car. They didn’t die! See, it’s not so scary.” Aww!

The small family went to Disneyland later that week and Raleigh had huge fun on the rides; in fact, it was Declan that stayed off.

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