Crazy girl falls off power boat

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Published: November 25, 2015

A young girl enjoys life on a boat. It's a beautiful day and she's letting her hair blow in the breeze.
Somewhere in the middle, The driver decides to do a magic trick where he makes the girl disappear.
She vanishes and screams as the boat lurches forward.
It's unclear as to whether she fell off the side or if she fell backwards due to the lurch.
Take a wild guess where the girl went off to!

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    bub · 10 weeks ago

    Cool ... Now go fuck off

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    NamVetStu · 12 weeks ago

    Many power boaters don't know this: If someone is falling off the left side of your boat, steer HARD LEFT! The rudder or the lower unit is all the way aft. You turn the bow left by pushing the stern to the right. Steering toward the side a person is on kicks the prop away from her. Turning away runs it over her.