Girl Fails To Launch Her Brother Off Inflatable Bounce Pillow

Published March 28, 2018 12,435 Plays $25.98 earned

Rumble / Epic FailsWatch what happens when this little girl tries to launch her best friend in the air by jumping on an inflatable bounce pillow in the water! She got more than she bargained for! Hilarious!

This is the hilarious moment when a girl jumps on an inflatable bouncy piece in the water in an attempt to launch her best friend in the air, creating the action-reaction effect. Her sole purpose was to use her own body weight and the beauty of gravity, to jump on a bouncy piece in the water and make her friend who was sitting on the inflatable pillow, bounce in the air! This is what happened instead!

In this epic water bounce fail, a girl hops onto the inflatable water pillow, landing with her entire body weight onto the inflatable pillow, making for her friend to bounce off in the air like if he was hopping on a trampoline. However, the moment she lands onto the inflatable pillow, she only causes her friend to bounce a little up, but not off! Instead, she lands right onto the inflatable pillow again, making for one hilarious backflop into the water. Instant karma is served!

Watching this unsuspecting girl fail to give the water bounce effect on her friend has certainly made our day a little bit brighter. It is funny how the moment this girl hops on the inflatable pillow, her friend is slightly disappointed to not be launched off of it. Well, he was launched all right, but certainly not enough! This epic fail has made our day! Have you ever seen something as spectacular as this epic fail before?

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