Stray Dog Checks Himself Into Mexican Animal Clinic

Published October 30, 2015 129,648 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis sweet little guy was brought in as a neighborhood dog to be neutered at an animal clinic in Mexico by a nice woman who happened to be bringing in her dog. He did well, recovered, and went back to the area with the woman. Then, the day after he left, who shows up all by himself at the door of the clinic? None other than this handsome fellow!

Many countries in the world have a problem with stray dogs. There are just too many of them living on the streets, hungry and in desperate need of love and shelter. It really is a pity, because the same animals living on the street are just like your pets, and the only thing that made them different is the fact that someone no longer wanted them and threw them out, or they were born on the street.

There is a way to save them all, but it doesn’t come at a small price. Nipping the problem in the bud would mean spaying or neutering your dogs and those stray dogs in order to diminish the general dog population living in an area. Some might argue that it defies the laws of nature, but in reality, it’s better than seeing them starving on the streets, easy prey to other vicious animals and even car accidents. Spaying and neutering your dogs might also make them less aggressive, diminishing the chances of them attacking a kid playing in a park. And as always, the most effective way of helping stray dogs is to take them as a pet, rather than to buy one.

Many think that once these interventions are made, they will change the character of the animal and will become obese. None of this is true. It has been proven that if you keep the same feeding mode and the same physical activity will not come to fattening, but if you have a breed of a dog that without it is prone to obesity, the caloric intake should be reduced.

As far as the character is concerned, your pet will not change, the pet will remain whatsoever, without having to run for females and enter into conflict with other dogs at all costs. You should take care of your pet, inform you about what they need so that they will live a happy and healthy life! The best advice we can give you is to always think about what is right for your dog, not what’s right for you!


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