Dog Tries To Fight His Own Shadow

Published October 27, 2015 102,728 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWhat is a shadow, anyway? It sort of looks like us and keeps following us around. One moment it is in front of us, the next behind us… Our shadows have been confusing us since the moment we first laid our eye on them, but then we got to go to school and learn some stuff and suddenly, our shadows have become nothing more than our constant companion, witnessing every little detail that happens to us.

This German Shepherd dog, however, didn’t get the chance to go to school, so when he saw the shadow his head was casting on the floor in the kitchen, his first reacting was to turn his head left and right, curious as to what that thing might be. This adorable pooch is confused by the strange apparition on the floor and desperately tries to catch it!

When he saw the shadow react the same way as he did, he first tried to remove it by scratching it off the floor, but that didn’t work. He moves, the shadow moved with him. So he attacks it, pounding with his paws on the floor. Watch as the dog constantly tries to get to his shadow, stomping its feet above it, using his paws to scratch it, but to no avail! The shadow still persists and follows his every move! The upset pooch has to come to terms with the situation and give up his quest. Better luck next time buddy!

Both his owners try to console him, take his mind off that pesky shadow, but that didn’t work either. If we didn’t know better, we could swear that this is just some weird looking, giant cat!