Prepare Yourself For The Incredible Coffee Art

Published October 26, 2015 813 Plays

Rumble / Unusual TalentsYou are probably one of those people who believe that there is nothing better than a cup of fragrant coffee in the morning? Probably, because you just do not know how delicious coffee can get when there are extraordinary drawings on it. No one can remain indifferent to such beauty. Coffee art or latte art deservedly becomes one separate branch of art. These creative coffee drawings get more and more popular every day.

The idea of drawing on coffee originated in Italy, it was there that monks-capuchins noticed that coffee sometimes creates remarkable drawings on its surface. Nowadays, the artist performing these drawings is called barista or a coffee bartender.

At first, only flowers, hearts and leaflets were drawn, and now entire portraits and landscapes are fitted into the tiny precious coffee cup. And you can obtain this pleasure very cheaply. Coffee art, however, is quite short-lived and it is rather aimed at bringing great joy to people and telling volumes about the barista's skill. Now even championships are being organized for making of such drawings.
You need to have a great experience and certain skills to create such masterpieces, but having the willpower and some free time, you can try to draw something at home.

In the video on the top of the page, the skillful barista is drawing a dragon on the surface of the thick strong dark coffee using cream and a stencil. This artist is carefully calculating trajectory on which the cream is poured, the infusion rate, the entry point. From the hand gestures, you can obviously see this is not an improvisation. What a piece of art!


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    That's art, not just coffee...

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