This Cat Settles A Feud With A Pushy And Shove In The Pool

Published September 17, 2015 26,178 Views

Rumble / Cats & KittensAs much as we may love our fluffy feline companions and their "modest" desire for attention, we have to admit that cats are jerks. There, it is out! What we also have to admit out loud is that cats are ninjas. How else can you explain their sound-less walking, the ability to literally walk on wires and their love to get sneaky on people and the clear satisfaction they get when they inflict pain?

But it would seem that the one thing all cats love the most is settling their feuds the old fashioned way - with a shove. That’s right - when two felines get on each other’s whiskers, they will shove each other, until one of them gives in. Or falls in a pool.

It is Bette versus Joan all over again. We might as well call them as such. Bette goes on her merry way, but Joan is quick to catch up on her. Joan does not want to argue, nope. She would much rather slap Bette out of her ginger wig for whatever they are feuding right now. The clip is of very poor quality and we can’t tell whether Bette tries to defend her hide or she just lays there, taking the blow and then taking a decent plunge into the pool.

The real Joan would be proud of this cat.

It seems that this is not the only cat that settles a score with a fresh dunk. This guy actually shoved his brother in a pool for undisclosed reasons. Such drama queens.