Ninja Cat Scares Brother Into A Pool

As much as we may love our fluffy feline companions and their "modest" desire for attention, we have to admit that cats are jerks. There, it is out! What we also have to admit out loud is that cats are ninjas. How else can you explain their sound-less walking, the ability to literally walk on wires and their love to get sneaky on people and the clear satisfaction they get when they inflict pain?

Take these two fellas, for example. The security camera over a family's backyard pool caught one of the feline siblings checking out the water (we can only speculate as to why, because cats are like oil with water). The next moment, we see his brother, slowly approaching him from the back, as if to join him. But no, you are mistaken just like we were, because as soon as the second cat approaches the one by the pool, he swats his tail, which causes the poor guy to jump in fright – straight into the water!

The swatter's reaction when his brother takes the dive in the pool is proof enough that they are just tyrants! He walks along the lip of the pool, to check if the buddy is all submerged in the water and then cowers backwards when he emerges frantically on dry land. Poor kitty.

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