Zeus The African Wild Cat Says 'Mamma'

ZeusTheServalPublished: October 13, 2015Updated: October 14, 2015651,310 views
Published: October 13, 2015Updated: October 14, 2015

To many of us, our pets are like our children. We love them and we take care of them as they actually were the fruit of our loin and we hope that they love and imprint on us as if we were their own parents.

Our pets can do an amazing job at imitating what we do and say, mostly because they want to feel like a part of the “pack" or “pride", in this case. There is a good chance that she has told him many times over to say “mamma", that the cat eventually was able to repeat it, at least to some extent.

Model Morgan Lynn has a very unique house pet. Zeus is a Serval, an African wild cat, and quite glorious at that too. So when Morgan was petting her magnificent feline, it sounds like he is saying "mamma" back to her. What do you think? Can you hear it?

It is not really all that surprising for human to read into their pet’s cries. Dogs have also been heard saying something along the lines of “mamma" and it is what has brought them to viral fame! This particular dog was actually kissing up to their owner so that he too can get a bite of that delicious food in her hands, by repeating “mamma" over and over!

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