Strange Circular Hole Spotted In The Clouds Above Ontario

Published October 5, 2015 73,301 Plays

Rumble / Natural PhenomenaA mysterious weather occurrence appeared in the skies above a city in Canada that has left locals baffled. The phenomenon, known as a “hole-punch" or “fallstreak hole" by meteorologists, has appeared near London in Ontario, Canada on October 1, 2015 and people could not keep the theories down.

Spectators took to social media for explanations of the unusual circular sighting. One person stopped by the side of the road to record the phenomenon as it grew steadily bigger in radius.

Experts, however, were quick to put an ease to the minds of Canadians, saying that this is actually a normal atmospheric occurrence when temperatures are below freezing, but water droplets in the clouds are yet to freeze due to the lack of particles.

Weather Network meteorologist Erin Wenckstern explains: "While they can be found worldwide, a skypunch is rather rare and the phenomenon is hard to explain".

“High up in the sky, thin clouds made from supercooled liquid water – meaning temperatures are below freezing, but cannot freeze in crystals – are disturbed as an aircraft punches through and cools the surrounding air. Eventually forming ice crystals due to a drop in pressure."

The cloud could be seen over several cities, Like Woodstock and Brantford, before slowly disappearing over a period of half an hour.

Speaking of atmospheric occurrences, this other video shows just how spectacular Mother Nature can be. Cirrocumulus clouds are one of the three main genus-types of high-altitude tropospheric clouds, the other two being cirrus and cirrostratus. They usually occur at an altitude of 16,000 ft to 39,000 ft).