Skydiver Solves Rubik's Cube While Free-Falling

For all, you adrenaline junkies out there, doing usual isn't exactly the most appealing thing. Some ride skateboards at speeds faster than a typical car instead of just riding it around town, you partake in extreme sports, and in this case, jump out of planes instead of flying in them. With the need to always step up the intensity, the rush of adrenaline is well worth it. Here we have a skydiver taking skydiving to the next level with just a parachute, and a Rubik's Cube.

Now, this has to be one of the most insane free-falls you'll ever see! Skydiver Chris Walker refuses to open his parachute until he manages to solve a Rubik's cube successfully. This intense video will for sure leave you holding your breath at certain parts, especially as he nears the ground. With enough practice, anything is possible, and this skydiver is proving that to be true. Think you could do the same?

To make it even more remarkable, Chris Walker holds the record for quickest time to solve a Rubik’s cube while skydiving, solving the cube in amazingly three minutes and 16 seconds. He completed this challenge in a wind tunnel at Airkix at the Basingstoke Leisure Park.

On a day-to-day basis, we consider ourselves to be pretty smart people. And then comes the topic for the Rubik’s cube. We cannot even attempt to solve a Rubik’s Cube, and we are seriously amazed that there are people out there who can do it so quickly. And solving Rubik’s cube while free failing, that’s out of this world!

We’ve been told that there are little steps and patterns to follow to solve one, and if you do it successfully once, you can keep practicing until you address it with ease. So, maybe Chris can give some tips and tricks on how to solve a Rubik’s cube with ease, minus the free falling. What’s more exciting then combing two stimulating activities like Rubik’s cube and sky-diving? What do you think?

Speaking of solving the most annoying little cube in the world, you have to see this little kid. The 7-year-old boy solves a Rubik's cube while blindfolded in 2 minutes and 21 seconds! In case that wasn't enough of a challenge, the ref also holds a piece of paper between the kid's blindfold and the cube, just to be on the safe side. Now that's WHOA!

If these two videos were not impressive, we have another one that will leave you in thunderstruck!
This is the first ever Rubik’s cube champion and he can still keep up with his thrilling record of 22.95 seconds. Wow!

Minh Thai is a Vietnamese-American speedcuber. As a sixteen-year-old student, he won the first championship in the world held in Budapest in 1982. He still has some talent left after all these years, and we still find it mesmerizing! Check out this insane videos of people solving Rubik’s cube in unusual places in situations!

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