This Doberman Treats His Babies Like Any Doggy Daddy Should

Published August 31, 2015 29,728 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesBoss the Doberman surprises us with his outstanding personality, wanting to take on the mother role with his new litter of puppies. What a loving doggy! We are in awe of the way he tends to the pups, while mommy is resting. He licks the pups on the face and watches over them intently while they are out of their litter. When some of them go astray, he literally rises up from where he lays and goes after each one of his offspring to bring them back to the rest.

Remember, the dogs of today are descended from the mighty wolf, a canid known for being monogamous for life and very attentive to their litters. Unlike his ancestors, it is not at all uncommon for dear old Yeller to sit back on his heels and relax, rather than fend for his babies. But Boss here did and you might say it is thanks to the way he was brought up. Sort of.

Basically, any other male dog that doesn’t take care of his progeny does so because of his domestication. Humans have taken over the task providing for their dogs and the puppies they create, so male dogs no longer feel the need to hunt for food and care for the litter.

But Boss here is no exception either. While there is no evidence that male dogs recognize puppies as their own, some exhibit behavior that they may. Some sires will even protect their puppies and play with them, although it may not look like a dad-son play.